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    pip working

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    Pip- mental health and working
    Thread: Pip- mental health and working
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    unsure said:
    Today 08:51 PM
    Pip- mental health and working
    I have just started full time work within mental health; this is good as I suffer from mental health. They are more understanding and I made them aware of it at the interview. I recieve pip standard daily living for Mental health- about going new places, concentration, anxiety paranoia and depression. My esa stopped as I told them straight away. I have tried a few different jobs and have had to finish due to panic attacks mood swings paranoia about being rubbish at the job and thinking everyone is talking about me. I lasted up to 3 months. I know mental health condition vary, i wanted to know if there is a period of adjustment with the DWP before telling them of a change. I know pip can be claimed whilst working atm my stress levels are through the roof am still needing alot of help from family. I just want some advice as if I have to finish the job I don't want to have to go though aplying again

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    What are you thinking of telling the DWP? You've already told ESA and as you said PIP can be claimed whilst working. It doesn't sound like your condition has improved significantly - you've told your employer in advance so you obviously don't think you're gong to be able to hide it completely and will probably need some support or adjustments within the workplace. You're still needing a lot of help from your family so again no evidence that you've made a sudden miraculous recovery.

    The changes that they ask you to report are

    your personal details change, for example your name, address or doctor
    the help you need or your condition changes
    you go into hospital or a care home for more than 4 weeks
    you go abroad for more than 13 weeks
    you’re imprisoned or held in detention

    There's nothing there about having to inform them if you return to work. They might argue that your condition has changed but you could equally argue that it hasn't and that you're only able to do the job you're doing because of the support that you still receive. It's likely initially that you care needs will increase slightly due to the change and the increased anxiety but there wouldn't be need to report this and be reassessed as it will hopefully be short term and then settle back to your normal level. I don't think you need to inform them that you've started work unless your condition has changed. You have already informed ESA so the DWP are already aware anyway. I would concentrate on your job for now.

    If you do want to write to DWP just to keep PIP side of things informed of your situation then make it clear that you are only reporting a change to your work situation and emphasise that your health and care needs are the same as when you last claimed.

    It is possible to claim PIP for mental health while working but they can sometimes decide that the work you do contradicts your claimed needs. For this reason it's a good idea to start thinking about how you will explain this when you next claim even if you decide not to tell them at this stage. Make notes of anything that happens at work that you need extra support with because of your mental health so that you have plenty of examples to give when you are reassessed.

    I hope your job does go well.

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    Hi Tickle

    Thanks for your reply - I agree with you.
    What do you mean when I decide to claim again and get reassed? What would I be reassessed for i thought when you wanted to come off pip you just told the dwp

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    If you want to come off PIP that's fine. If your health doesn't improve significantly you may want to stay on PIP and if so you may be reassessed at some point. How long is your current award for? They usually contact claimants a year before the end of their current award. There is a new shorter renewal form now where you can just tick if there hasn't been any change so it's possible even if you do decide to stay on PIP that you wouldn't have to go through another assessment. I was just thinking it's easier to be prepared for these things in case you do have to fill in another long form and go through an assessment, particularly with mental health when sudden unexpected stress can completely throw you and impact on so much of your life.

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