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Thread: Advice on ESA

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    Question Advice on ESA

    Hi, i am on PIP (won a tribunal with enhanched daily living and mobility last year), i have been told to apply for ESA by a friend, i have done so today and they have said that i need to send off proof from my GP about my illness. they have asked for my card details and told me to expect money to go in from tomorrow onwards, is this different and do you get paid when you are waiting for a decision, and if so how long should it be for the first pay. Also, should i need to go to tribunal again, after i have already done so for pip, and if so i am worried they will try taking my pip away.

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    you need a fit/sick note grom gp to allow payments to start.

    you will get assessment rate whilst waiting to be assessed, you may also have to go to an assessment for them to decide which group you go into.

    payment usually starts about 7-10 days after making claim.

    you may need to go to tribunal again yes depending on the esa decision, having had a pip appeal will have no bearing on your esa.

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    Hi, i am a bit concerned that if i get turned down for ESA, The DWP can also take my pip away, can this happen?

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    NO the two benefits are totally unrelated

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    ESA claims nowadays are normally made by a phone call, although you can still make a claim by filling in form ESA1.

    During the phone call you will be asked lots questions about why you are claiming, your circumstances, etc.

    You will be told to provide a doctor 'fit notes' to support your claim.

    You should also be asked during the call if you want to claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Relief.
    If you say 'yes' they should pass you details onto your Local Council to claim these.
    However I have found it is also worth contacting the Council yourself to make sure that they have.

    ESA can be backdated for up to three months before the date of your claim, you do not have to give a reason for your late claim but it must be backed up by 'fit notes' for the period you are claiming.
    You should explain when you make your claim that you want to claim backdated benefit and give the date you became entitled to ESA.

    You will then be sent a statement about your claim which you must check but you do not have to sign it or return it.

    If they accept your claim and the 'fit notes' they will then start paying you at the 'ESA Assessment Rate', this is currently £73.10/week for a single person.

    You will not get any payment for the first 7 days of your claim, unless it is linked to a previous claim.

    You will next be sent an ESA50 questionaire to fill in and send back, they will decide from this if you have to also go to a face to face assessment.
    I would always plan that you will have to go, then if you don't have to it's a bonus.

    If you want to get a start on the ESA50 you can download one from here:
    ESA50 fillable.pdf
    You can fill this in on your computer if you like, print it off, sign it, and send it back - instead of using a pen to fill in the one they send in the post.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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