Hi all. I am sure what I am about to say has been heard before but I will go on.

My wife and I both worked full time. For years she had arthritis and by this I mean her hands are clawed and she always had a little back pain but nothing major. For many years worked in an old folks home until after one nightshift and sleep she went to get out of bed and couldn't move. Basically her back had locked up. After a trip to the hospital with mri and xray scans it was confirmed her back in some parts had started to give way to the arthritis. I gave up my job to help out as I worked away as a close protection officer and took up the fight.

As a new starter I just assumed that it would all be straight forward but Jesus was I in for a shock. Anyways to cut a long story short she received the highest PIP and ESA award. It wasn't the great of amount but it meant we could live and I could look after her.

So the two year go by and obviously she has to have another assessment for both. You have probably figured out what happened. She not only had her ESA taken off her but they whittled her PIP down to 200 a month. As you can imagine the amount of stress it caused was horrendous and with this I started to fight. I knew right form the beginning of the new claim that it was not going to happen. By this I mean the assessor had no interest, lied on the report and basically told us stuff that she should not have. The day she had a tribunal she was really ill and so I went along for her which I thought was allowed as I was her named appointee but nope... they would not even see me.
In the end we worked it out so that I got a local job (openreach engineer) and we would revolve around our older children in their 20's to help out with mam.
When I started to investigate the whole procedure (yep I didnt give up even though I was working) I took the report and pulled it apart bit by bit and sent it to the correct dept so that it can be investigated. And I mean stupid things on the report like "her toilet is upstairs"... weirdly enough our toilet is downstairs along with the rest of the bathroom but it just fell on deaf ears. Then I found out they had actually told my wife over the phone that she would not be allowed to claim again! My jaw dropped when I heard this.

Next step was CAB. We had a meeting and they basically told us it a load of old cobblers and that of course you can re-apply. We had help off them to dot the i's and cross the t's and waited. She has had her PIP back but at the lower rate.

So to digress. In the eyes of the DWP she was really ill (with an illness that only gets worse and can only be managed) then miraculously she was cured for a year... and now .. its back but not as bad as it was. The system is as we all know a joke. And so onto my question.

In my eyes she should have been on PIP in that year that she missed. I am looking for back pay. How would i go about it?

Sorry for the long story but they think they can just play with peoples lives as they want to.

Many thanks.