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Thread: Esa te assesment

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    Esa te assesment

    Hello ive been on esa for a while and was sent a esa assesment form to fill in and send back i think esa50 or something so i filled it all in sent back then heard nothing for 4 months then that i have an esa assesment meeting yesterday which i went to with relative and all my medicines as i suffer depression anxiety and lose control of my bowels the bottom way and a letter from doctor etc the assessor then told me at the end of the interview that she was going to advise the dwp that i ahould be placed in the support group for an 18 month period. Which sounds great as my illness affects me so badly but how much weight does her professional opinion mean to the DWP?? Any advice please as i now have to wait all weekend and longer for the decision thank you in advance. Also the assesor cut short the interview and what my parent is saying to me is that the assesor didnt have to mention what she was going to recommend let aone the support group as all the assesor has to do and say is yo take the info type it into a report and then say to me and my parent i will send the report to the dwp decision maker and they will notify us she didnt have to mention her opinion or what she was going to recomend let alone mention any support group etc? Am i right?

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    In the end it is the decision maker that makes the decision. I always think it is bad form for an assessor to say what they are going to recommend as this can give false hope to the claimant.

    Hopefully the DM will base their decision on what the assessor writes in their report but do not take it 'as read'. We have had posters on here that have been through the same and didn't get the award that the assessor suggested they would get.

    Sorry, but really it is just a case of wait and see. Nothing you can do about it now. And remember you always have the option to appeal if you feel that they have made the wrong decision.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you very much and yes this waiting is killing me

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    Thank you very much and i will await the decision i just hope its soon and good news cos to feel like this is terrible

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    Does it normally take a long time for the decision maker to make decision and notify people?

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    I'm my experience it can be 4 weeks, depends on their case load at the time, but it tends to be sooner than later if it is a adverse decision

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    Hi Mathew11111, hope it goes Ok for you. HOPE you had the ESA session recorded? Was the assessor a nurse? My last ESA assessment >recorded< was done by a nurse but she did not give any recommendations about being placed on the ESA benefit. What she was able to do though was tell me to get instant help for depression that she said i was suffering from. My own doctor did not pick up on that. Good luck.

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    No recorded and yes she was a nurse and recomended from all the medication and symptoms and from how i was she cut the interview short and said she was going to recomend me be put in support group for 18 months as my depression anxiety and medication were that bad so hopefully that will carry aome weight with the dwp decision maker.

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    Thank you for all your positive messages its like xmas i see adverts on tv all smiling and happy and i cry and put myself in my bed and pillow for it to all go away as it should be happy time not worse time in my life

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