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    Red face PIP & MR Journey

    Hi everyone,

    I have been 'lurking' since early September when I begun my PIP journey. I thought i would provide a timeline and information for future reference for others - this is still on-going actually, because i am awaiting a MR response.

    I contacted DWP on September 19th and started a new claim. My PIP how your condition affects you pack, arrived a few days later in the post. I filled it in the next day and returned it. Having read many posts online in relation to PIP, I did not feel confident about my claim and did not feel that it would be successful.

    I received a letter on October 11th, informing me that my F2F would be done by Capita on October 14th. I attended the interview which lasted only 30 mins (my report stated 55 mins though). The assessor was a paramedic and came across sympathetic. She even provided me with some prompts throughout that I had put in my claim form but forgot to mention. I did not have to perform any medical or cognitive test at the F2F. The assessor told me that she would send my report within 24 hours to DWP and they would take between 4-8 weeks to provide a decision. I was unsure how to feel after the assessment, she had been very kind towards me.

    I rung DWP the following week and requested a copy of my report. On October 27th, I received a generic text from DWP stating they had all the info they needed to make a decision = my stress escalated through the ceiling!

    On November 4th, I received my decision letter - awarded 6 points for Daily living and 8 for mobility. I received my back payment on November 8th.

    On November 9th I received my report.

    The report, overall, was an accurate reflection of my condition and I had been correct in my assumption of her kindness. However, there were two incorrect aspects - hence my request for a MR. Firstly, with daily living she had stated i could administer my own medication but this was incorrect and I had explained this to her on the day, perhaps not clearly enough. The second, related to mobility. During informal observations, she had noted that I struggled to breathe through sentences and was unable to walk more than 10m without severe breathing difficulties. She also stated that despite self administering my inhaler, it did not relieve my wheezing throughout the assessment. Despite stating all of that in her report, she then stated that I could walk 35m. This is simply inaccurate and she observed that, informally, herself on the day.

    Anyway, I explained this on the phone to DWP. I requested a phone call from a decision maker and was told it would be within 24 hours. It was less than two hours. The case manager (not the same one who decided my claim) informed me that from reading my report, it appears the assessor made an error and he would record it on the file that he thought this. However, from reading this forum, I am well aware that discussions over the phone are not always accurately reflected. He thought that i would be entitled to 12 points for mobility. He commented that I had provided no medical evidence at any point. I informed him that I had provided details of all my GP and nurse etc in my PIP how your condition affects you letter. I told him I thought that the assessor would contact my GP through those details to confirm everything I had said, she hadn't done this and neither had the decision maker. So - important to note, that the points i initially received were based on no medical evidence.

    Sorry this is so long! Anyway, the man on the phone suggested I request a letter from my GP which I have now done (should be with me on the 16th). I will then send that in along with my MR letter (I have until December 6th). He also said he would record our conversation on my file notes... we shall see.

    So, how successful are MR's? And does anyone know the time frame of when I should hear once I've sent in my letter & GP letter?

    Thank you if you've read this far!

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    Firstly Im amazed you got so many points without providing any evidence, which is great! As for MR my new decision only took 2 weeks after they received my MR submission. The decision was not changed although the DM acknowledged an error had occurred in 1 descriptor but the additional pts wouldnt make any difference to the overall award so didnt add them on! I had only got 2pts from assessor for Hearing aids. And the extra 3pts at MR would have brought me up to 5pts. Majority of my claim was based on points for aids which they have simply ignored. Someone onbhere stated only 5% of MR are successful but 60% of tribunals are. Basically assume you will have to go to appeal x

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    I would confirm your telecom in writing as to who said what. Gives name if you can.

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    Hiya, after reading your post.. I don't know but I want to say you sound like a lovely person.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience. Best of luck with your MR.

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    Hi everyone,

    I didn't realise my post had gone 'live' or I would have replied sooner!

    Thank you for your replies and good luck wishes - good luck to you too orange skies and Oimum, I'm sorry your points were not changed enough to receive an award :/

    Thank you sasherish, that it so nice of you to say, I appreciate it.

    So, I do have an update as it happens. I contacted my Doctor on November 7th and they gave me a call back. They asked me to summarise the information needed in a letter and they would respond according to what was recorded on my medical records. The letter was taken in that day. I did not receive a letter back, though, until today and i paid a pretty generic figure of £20. The letter perfectly encapsulates how my condition affects me and was extremely supportive. I could have cried when I read it. I am sincerely hoping that this letter will be enough to demonstrate to the case manager how much my condition adversely impacts on my life.

    I have taken alaska's advice and written a letter to accompany the GP letter and this documents the conversation i had with DWP a couple of week ago - including names. I will post everything tomorrow recorded delivery and then we shall see I guess! Hopefully it won't take too long. In the mean time I have applied for the blue badge Scheme with my local council as even prior to the MR I was awarded enough points for mobility to be eligible for it. The blue badge alone will make such a difference to my life, just being able to park so much closer to where I need to be.

    Good luck on your journeys, I'll update when I know more.

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    I'm also unsure how I received so many points without any medical evidence....I mean it's pretty evident from my general physical presentation and demeanour that I am affected by my condition; however, i would have still thought DWP would have wanted to corroborate my story with my medical records. I did not send any in with the initial forms as I assumed the DWP contacted your GP, hence asking for the contact detail in the form. Evidently they didn't. I was awarded 6 points for daily care and 8 for mobility. i am hoping the MR will provide me with at least 8 daily care and 12 for mobility - now with the support of my GP letter.

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    Just providing another update. So I sent my supporting evidence for the MR on Saturday (got proof of postage too).

    I contacted them today and they told me that the documents had been received and scanned onto the system. So, now I'm just in limbo waiting for a case manager to look at all the evidence. I was told that it will be a different case manager than the initial one and that there is no timescale. I was told MR's are completed in date order and I would be written to once completed.

    Nontheless, I will probably ring again next week or the week after to ask for an update.

    Fingers crossed!

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