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    Hello All,
    Presently I am on DLA H/R both components,

    At the beginning of 2015, I was eventually (after an M/R and appeal (Judge and Lawer) I was awarded H/Rate Care and Motability, AN INDEFINITE AWARD from middle rate Care and Low rate mobility.

    I now want to obtain a vehicle not through 'Mobility' but an ordinary car sales company.

    If I take out a loan for the purchase of this vehicle and do NOT get awarded PIP at High rate Care and Mobility I will not be able to afford the repayments on the vehicle, therefore I'll either have to return it or it will be repossessed.

    I live in Hertfordshire and have absolutely NO idea when I'll be 'Invited' to apply for PIP, The problem is I REALLY NEED a vehicle ASAP.

    Has anyone been in this position? Or had H/Rate Mobility, obtained a vehicle then the H/Rate Mobility was stopped?

    Has ANYONE any idea when I may be invited to apply for PIP, I'm a 64-year-old Man, My condition will not change, I have a lot of supporting evidence from my Consultants in writing and a wonderful GP.

    Should I apply for PIP Now or wait ?

    Thank you to anyone who may be able to offer any advice.

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    If you reach 65 without changing PIP will not apply to you why dont you take a mobility car? Worse case scenario you can hand it back without any debt or damage to your credit rating? You used to be able to buy a good 2nd hand car on mobility scheme instead of taking lease car, its been a while since I used mobility scheme so not up to date. Remember your insurance is covered by the mobility car which is a huge saving.

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