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    DLA to PIP

    Hi, I've had DLA mobility indefinite award for some 18 years due to Brittle asthma, my asthma is an industrial injury for which I'm assessed by ATOS at my last review 4 1/2 years ago as 60% disabled.
    As well as Brittle asthma being a long term steroid user of over 25 years. I've acquired other conditions,osteoarthritis,osteoporosis, IBS, cervical spondylitis, hyperthyroidism, GORD ( having had a Nissan fundoplication and a repair and scheduled for another repair next year, B12 defiencency, Fibromyalgia, calcification tendonystis - I'm having an operation on my shoulder on my dominant arm soon which is to remove part of the shoulder bone release the biceps tendon and remove the Calicum from the tissue and will be in a sling for 6-8 weeks and have been told it will be take a year to be pain free and because of my other conditions I will never be completely free from pain or have full use of my arm.
    I've read a few links that refer to paper based reviews and stating osteoarthritis needing major surgery as one example of a paper based review. I'm 58 and despite all the above work full time although I have lost several jobs due to ill health so being able to work isn't a sign that I am 'fit for work' and have infact been refused one job due to a GP stating I was unfit to work. I'm guessing I'm being left at the moment as I work but I'm sure the review isn't long off.
    What are my chances of a paper based review? I've never asked for a review based on care as I didn't want to lose my motability, I now sleep downstairs so my nebuliser doesn't wake neighbours when I use it at night, I have a portable nebuliser in my car. I can't get in and out of the bath due to my shoulders knees and hips. And obviously once I've had the operation my ability (limited as it is now) to do things like housework, self care will diminish.

    I have over 30 medications to take daily.
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    Hello Southernbelle

    I have not read of many people getting a paper based review for PIP on the forum. The best people can seem to hope for is after sending a letter from their GP and any specialists you see, that specifically says you would not be able to cope with an assessment at an assessment centre, is a home assessment.

    Although the fact that despite your ill health you do manage to work full time, will I imagine be taken into consideration, so you may have a fight on your hands to get a home assessment.

    As I'm sure you already know, PIP isn't about what's wrong with you, it's about how you are affected and do you meet the very precise PIP descriptors.

    Good luck for when your "invitation to claim PIP" arrives.

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    Thank you for your reply Buble48, my asthma is such that I can be fine one minute and then admitted the next, I have been blue lighted into hospital from various jobs a few times include one occasion while working in a GP surgery! Any perfumed or aresol use such as deodorants and furniture cleaner are banned in the work place ( not my idea but an email sent around by the bosses after a bad attack when a male colleague came back one lunch time after a gym session reaking of deodorant) but to be honest my main problem at the moment is the pain due to the osteoarthritis in my shoulder and the worry about how I will manage after the operation and how I will keep my job if I am off long term sick, my respiratory consultants are trying to get primary care trust agreement to a new treatment for severe asthmatics at £500 an injection and I'm presently having steroid injections despite the side effects to try to keep it under control enough for the shoulder op. As I said earlier I had seen posted on the forum's a link to dwp guidelines stating osteoarthritis with major surgery pending was an example of when a paper based assessment should be made rather than a f2f one.

    Many thanks for your good wishes x

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