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Thread: Mandatory Reconsideration Update

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    Mandatory Reconsideration Update


    Above is the link to my previous thread which contains much more detail about the timeline below.

    My timeline is as follows:

    September 19th - Contacted DWP PIP via phone

    September 23rd - PIP paperwork arrived

    September 26th - Filled it all in and sent it back

    October 11th - Received later stating my F2F would be on October 14th, by Capita (not provided with much notice!)

    October 14th - F2F, went fairly well

    October 27th - Text from DWP stating they had everything they needed to make the decision. I also phoned them and requested a copy of my report

    November 4th - Received my decision letter: 6 points for daily living, 8 for mobility.

    November 7th - Contacted DWP requested a call back from a case manager to request a MR. Was told could take 24 hours for a phone call. Received one that day. The gentleman I spoke to couldn't have been any more kind and helpful. He suggested I request a supporting letter from my GP. Verbally requested an MR, now had until December 6th

    November 7th - Wrote a letter to my GP

    November 8th - Received my back payment

    November 9th - Received my report, which was accurate on the whole

    November 25th - Received a letter back from my GP, which was extremely supportive and accurate. I paid £20 for the letter, which is pretty standard I think.

    November 26th - Sent my letter and GP letter back to the DWP by recorded delivery

    November 30th - I contacted DWP, they informed me that my information had been received on November 29th and was awaiting allocation to a case manager.

    Fast forward to today -
    I contacted them again to see whether there had been any progress and was informed that it was 'early days' and everything was ready and waiting to be looked at again by a new case manager. Coincidentally, or not, I was then contacted later this afternoon by a case manager who wanted to ask me a question as part of the mandatory reconsideration process. Out of all the people I have dealt with, she presented as the most impatient and abrupt. She wanted me to confirm my last period of hospitalisation which was May 15th this year and had been confirmed by my GP. Anyway, she wanted to know whether i had been in one day or overnight. I said I discharged myself after a day and didn't stay overnight. I don't feel positive about the MR, just from her general attitude. It felt very much like she was trying to look for reasons to go against me. However, I will try not to worry until the outcome is known. My GP wrote a really compassionate and supportive letter and I'm hoping they take that onboard.

    The case manager informed me that she was looking at all the information afresh and would make her decision today or within the next couple of days and then send out another letter. So, I will ring again Thursday/Friday and should have an answer by then.

    Waiting with bated breath!

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    So, I contacted the DWP this morning and they told me that following the mandatory reconsideration, my award has been changed and I have now been awarded enhanced mobility but daily living. I thought i would be back paid from my initial PIP claim on September 19th; however, they've told me it's from the point of requesting a MR. I feel satisfied with the change in mobility as this is what affects my condition the most.

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    That's good news,but I am not sure what they told you is correct regarding the date of the back payment
    I would check this out with an advisor,as I think it should be the dats that you first thought
    Don't bank on ot,as I could be wrong
    Maybe someone here will know definite answer

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    Thanks deebee, I thought that it should be paid from the initial claim too....but the woman on the phone told me no. I may ring again tomorrow and ask some more questions. I was so shocked that my points had increased after the MR, that I couldn't focus clearly on the questions that I wanted to ask! Thanks though

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    If a decision has been changed at MR then it applies to the same date that the original decision applied to.

    The date that you asked for MR has nothing to do with the decision date.
    (Unless of course the MR was about the decision date).
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    Well done, glad you got good news.

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    Thanks CTCELT, me too. I'm interested to receive the letter and see why they didn't award daily living but I feel like I don't want to jeopardise anything by going to tribunal. I'll see how I feel when I get the letter.

    Thanks Nukecad, that was my assumption too. I'll await the letter and go from there; they sent it Monday so it shouldn't be too long.

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    That's good news. I'm trying to work out how long the decision maker took from the date your MR had to be in. I've been waiting 6.5 weeks so far.

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    Hi Bluemoonbeams,

    They received my MR letter and GP supporting letter on November 29th (although I'd told them on the 7th November I wanted a MR, I asked them not to do anything until they had all my supporting evidence). I rung Monday December 5th and the decision maker rung me that afternoon to ask some additional questions. They made the decision and sent it that afternoon. So, it only took them a few days all in all. 6 weeks is a long time, have you rung them?

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    Hi please help, I'm New to this forum and claiming pip. Got my initial refusal in Nov, so my pal wrote me 12x A4 letter requesting MR along with descriptor I thought were unfairly scored, at end of letter I stated IM IN PROCESS OF GETTING ALL GP RECORDS FROM 2000 to send to you. A week or so later I forwarded 79 pages of gp records along with gp letter of support total cost nearly £100. So I call deep to check if received as I sent rec del post. Imagine my shock when I was told firstly there was nothing on screen yet but guess what MR decision made. ??. After much heated words, I got them to 're-reconsider the reconsideration. I've been waiting since Nov 24, I call ever day most recent info is the CM has asked atos for more info. My question is why? The info atos stated in original report is very vague and not at all helpful in my opinion. Is it a good sign. PLEASE PLEASE HELP I CANT SLEEP.many thanks in advance.

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