I have heard about a scheme in London where disabled people can get a special card saying they need a prioroty seat. I have a disability which is mostly invisible but very painful and debilitating and involves balance issues. I have had a lot of abuse from people when I have tried to ask for a priority seat and am a shy person anyway with paranoia and anxiety issues so asking is really difficult fo rme. The attacks I've had from people (including threats of violence) have made me feel even less confident about using public transport. I would love a priority seat card but I don't live in London. I live in Bristol. I have heard that Great Western Railway have cards like this but I wonder whether those are just for trains not buses? Anyone have any ideas? I have been told my mobility issues are not severe enough for Diamond Travel Pass, as I don't get high mobility rate. In fact, under DLA I got low mobility rate and middle care and now on PIP I only get care and no mobility. I am sick of trying to fight the system, and sick of persuading the DWP that i am in this much pain.