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Thread: Getting a Please Give Me a Seat card for travelling on the bus

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    Question Getting a Please Give Me a Seat card for travelling on the bus

    I have heard about a scheme in London where disabled people can get a special card saying they need a prioroty seat. I have a disability which is mostly invisible but very painful and debilitating and involves balance issues. I have had a lot of abuse from people when I have tried to ask for a priority seat and am a shy person anyway with paranoia and anxiety issues so asking is really difficult fo rme. The attacks I've had from people (including threats of violence) have made me feel even less confident about using public transport. I would love a priority seat card but I don't live in London. I live in Bristol. I have heard that Great Western Railway have cards like this but I wonder whether those are just for trains not buses? Anyone have any ideas? I have been told my mobility issues are not severe enough for Diamond Travel Pass, as I don't get high mobility rate. In fact, under DLA I got low mobility rate and middle care and now on PIP I only get care and no mobility. I am sick of trying to fight the system, and sick of persuading the DWP that i am in this much pain.

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    Well, there is nothing to stop you making your own badge or card.

    This guy did it with a badge for cancer patients.

    It would have no legal status, but neither do the Transport for London ones - they are just advisory.
    Anyone courteous should respect it.

    Of course it should be well made, not just a scrap of paper.

    You can see what the TfL ones look like here:

    With a computer and a colour printer it should not be hard to make a copy of those, maybe without the transport for London logo.

    To make a one-off (plastic) badge you can buy badge making kits in most gift shops (used to make birthday badges, etc.), or online:

    Some shops will even make a metal badge for you.

    Cards are just cards, get some photo printing paper (card) and print off as many as you like.
    Or ask your local photo printing shop for help, they often design and print off business cards - these are much simpler.

    If you want to get fancier you could also buy a cheap laminating machine for under £25 to give you cards a professional style plastic coating.
    There are a few to choose from here:
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    I live in London. I had one of these TFL cards, but figured that my own method of asking at the priority designated seats (on all buses and tubes) whether the occupant could please let me sit there unless they required the seat (not all disabilities are visible!) always works well. There was one occasion on the Central Line when the person I askef started mouthing off about me not looking like I needed the seat and asking me what was wrong and why I needed it. I was using walking stick too. The rest of the carriage offered their seat! For me sitting at the designated end seat on the tube helps me get up as there is a grab rail. Mr Pig (as I named him mentally) got a load of filthy looks, but no one told him he was a pig. He kept the seat and leapt out of it at Liverpool Street.
    I rarely travel on the tube now, only at very quiet times, as I no longer have the feistinesd or balance to be in a crowd. But, I'll carry on, as I always did, calling out any unacceptable behaviour on public transport: two elderly white women looked quite taken aback to get a dressing down from me for their racist hate speech on a local bus: they went silent, and a Bangladeshi-londoner thanked me.
    Always thank somebody for giving up their seat; tell them you will try to pass the good deed on later in the day. Make them feel good too!

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    Why not just order a Tfl one should work outside london no issues.

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