firstly my wife was on dla low rate on both mobility and care perminant,Due to the new pip she had to be reassessed during this time i could not get any evidence for the assessment due to waiting lists for my wifes neurologist also opthamolagist she recieved zero points so within the timescale that they gave i had to make the mandatory reconsideration but this to was within the time i could not get the evidence so obviously they gave the same reward 0 points,then to the fact i raised the issue with the tribunal board which in fairness they accepted the date came i managed to get all the evidence to them before the tribunal i also had a representative NOW here is whare everything went wrong my wife myself and the representative went to the tribunal everything went fine until we had the dicision which then i picked up on the mistake my representative had only asked the tribunal to look at a few of the descriptors and not the whole thing which to be fair the descriptors that the tribunal looked at they awarded full points but just these discriptors didnt get enough points for the care component but was awarded the full points to get the low rate mobility on just one of the of the discriptors that was looked at.My wife is registered serverely sighted she also as intercranial hypotention which she has a brain shunt since she lost her award for dla due to the pip i have tried to balance the money to keep the car on the road as she needs this to get to appoinments ect and to get out and obout in the meanime by robbing peter to save paul during the time we have got into serious debt with rent and other issues which now we cannot pay my wife has given up she is now housbound as she cant use public transport so at the end of the day i cannot get her to her appointments sort out the rent and cannot re apply for pip as she was awarded the low mobility component which obvioulsy is not enough to keep the car on the road or catch up with the bills i put off during the process to keep my wife mobile i had no other option i do not know what to do now i feel so low as i cant do anymore and the pip was needed to ensure my wife could live some sort of life but now she is non stop crying i cannot sleep i cant stop thinking of everything going round and round in my head its now burning me out as i cannot cope myself as my wifes carer the stress is way to much to cope with as it is for my wife i do not know what to do anymore im getting worst day by day as my wifes mental structure is doing the same i have tried my best for my wife but situation now is unbearable i also suffer from anxiety and depression and have tried tried my best looking after my wife and doing everything i can is there anyone out there that can give me some light at the end of this tunnel my wife is just sitting there now crying alot and wont talk much i do not know what to do someone please HELP thats all i ask if there is anyone out there that can give some kind of branch