Dwp sent me a dla to pip letter and said I had to ring if I wanted to claim pip. I did this and got a form a few weeks before Christmas. Dwp said send it in by 1 January but I knew that was a con. I scribbled in it quickly and sent a few doctors letters in with the form. The evidence probably wasn't great. One letter from 6 months ago written by my gp detailing depression. And some older letters with anxiety and depression documented on them. Atos have had other letters from doctors before too.

I had a letter arrive a few days ago saying I had an medical 40 miles away at some stupid time.

I rang dwp and told them I'd be coming covered in blood. Unless they wanted to check my reaction and planned to change location anyways, my rant must of bothered them a little bit because they said would assess me on paper or at a centre closer to me.

Unfortunately they called again and said I had to come to a centre ten miles away.

Well all I can say is...if I go I am likely to be going in a mess and in a bad mood. I may or may not self harm. All I know for sure is they don't care.

I've got no gp at the moment either. I was basically being abused by the neighbour from hell until just before Christmas. He kept me awake all night and stalked me throughout the day. My doctor wrote to council and after a long fight I was moved.

I haven't left my new home in a month. Well OK not strictly true..I've been picked up by my dad and spent a few hours at my parents house. I rarely go out due to agoraphobia and anxiety though. I have one friend and in some way he's more of a carer than anything really.

I have always asked to see a shrink but it's never happened. And I've thought about getting a carer, but i don't know how to do that??

My gp helps in a lot of ways but wasn't ever good at referring patients anywhere. All the government crap about mental health treatment being a priority is just that. It's difficult if not impossible for people to get counselling etc. Unless your out in public being insane, nobody cares about treating them.

I'm sure dla payments have helped take some weight off my mind. I'm surprised I've managed to stay on benefits for more or less 20 years, but do worry it's going to crash and burn and I'm going to end up homeless. Still in the past dla helped with taxi fares so I could go to parents once in a while. It also helps with home comforts like Internet. I even managed a uk holiday once in a blue moon . That might sound fancy n all that, but when you don't get out much, home comforts somewhat help alleviate depression, and if getting away from the prison/house is possible once or twice every year or three it can be beneficial and nice. The trouble is I've missed more holidays than I've taken. Feeling confident for a moment and having control over bank can lead to reckless bookings and lost cash. I don't go anywhere generally and never reliably get anywhere. I mean I might get to the bus stop and wait a while. But pretty much wave it goodbye before heading indoors again. You can't do that if you need to be at work or at an appointment. I fear missing the atos medical. If I do not go what will happen??

They know i will struggle. I've told them I might not make it there. I'm unreliable like it or not. Tell me be somewhere at a certain time and it may or may not happen. Even iF it does happen and I show up when told, it's not likely to happen the next day and again the day after. The house might be on fire and there's a good chance I wouldn't leave it.

Anyhow does anyone know what duty of care dwp owe people with mental health issues??

Surely some trouble would come their way if I tell them I am going to self harm and then turn up covered in blood?? I'm tempted to turn up having self harmed, and basically seeing how long it takes the nurse or whatever to notice blood!!!

I find it impossible to mix with people or speak to people so the above is a drastic way to make a statement without saying a word. I left school aged 12 due to nerves and other problems so like I say, dwp are aware of my past problems. I have pretty much been out of work since leaving school. I had jobs but they lasted between 1 hour and a few months...if I managed to get to the job!!! Often I'd not even show up because I was so wound up. 20years ago I suppose I managed to bluff an interview and get the job. That wouldn't happen now. I'd just freeze. Plus based on looks I'd probably be over looked. Self done throat cut tattoos and a weird red hand from self harm using a tattoo needle doesn't look good nor do my little confidence any good.

Ive literally become housebound since moving house on Christmas Eve!!! I was being abused by the neighbour from hell prior to moving. The council did nothing to stop his nonsense. It was only after I ended up in hospital with exhaustion and my doctor become involved that they moved me. It's lucky they did because my neighbour was killing me by keeping me awake all night. I lived in ear plugs and headphones because of him. He made it harder to go out too. He was a bit of a stalker. I expected to be in hospital or jail by Christmas day. I guess I'm lucky it didn't happen like that. Still all this stress has and is killing me.

I suppose all the reports of claimants self harming and worse because the dwp sanction them etc etc..are (sadly) true?? The fact is they don't seem to care if I turn up bleeding. Maybe they think if he acts up or throws a fit we can stop the assessment? And end my claim?

I only found out earlier while slowly typing a post here, that my now ex gp tried to ring ATOS but they decided not to answer the phone and sent him a letter that won't reach him til after the medical. I'm not sure what to do because I don't have a doctor or any support from anyone.

Any advice would be appreciated...thanks in advance..Cheers,