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    Esa & pip

    So basically after my last post I finally received the pip2 form and I'm now filling it in. But what I would like to know is whether I I should get a social worker to put in a letter confirming the problems I face on a daily basis and how it affects myself and other people. I know that I had a cover letter from a social worker when I applies for Esa and the outcome of that was going straight onto support group indefinitely with no medicals or follow ups. I started off on low rate Esa (£115 fortnight) and then within a few weeks bumped up to (£249 fortnight) so would this work the same with Pip or would I have to submit my version of things and hope for the best.

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    Your best chance is to ask your GP/consultants who know you to provide a letter, ESA and PIP are different benefits, gather as much medical evidence you can.

    Best of luck with it

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