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Thread: Esa after medical

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    You will probably have to make a claim for the back pay in writing and depending on whos desk it lands on you may get it no problem ,or they could try and wriggle out of it . Just go to your MP and get him /her to sort it out for you and actually do what they get paid over a grand a week for what in most cases is not doing what they get paid for .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dougie View Post
    I just got the normal 2 weeks pay for support group £248 today. But no back pay of the extra top for support group to week 14 of my claim.
    Backpayment usually comes as a seperate payment from your normal fortnightly payments.

    Give them a few days for it to come through, if it's over £500 then it's probably waiting for a manager to approve/sign off.

    Check your bank balance daily, the backpayment often goes in before you get the letter.

    (And don't be surprised if your bank statement says its a payment from JSA. The DWP often use the JSA system to make ESA backpayments, because ESA does not have a 'fast payment' facility).
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    Thank you I had feeling I would need to write to them. I guess there going to be more people in my position in the future

    Thanks again guys

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