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Thread: Need a car with a lift or electric ramp

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    Need a car with a lift or electric ramp

    I have been awarded enhanced PIP so can now get a vehicle. I have been searching but cannot find what I need and can afford.
    I can either buy one for appx £10k (part exchanging current car) or use pip and max of £3k initial deposit.
    My problem is I have a power chair weighing 125kg (Jazzy ES 600). I will not be able to use a hoist as i won't be able to attach it to the chair, so it's either a ramp or a lift.
    I'm not keen on the type of vehicle like the Kangoo or Caddy shape, but would rather a 4x4 like a Freelander (I know I will have to fold the back down on the chair, it's then 70cm high)
    Has anyone got a 4x4 (Freelander or similar) with a lift or ramp?
    The vehicle also has to be an automatic.
    Many thanks

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    Why can't you use a hoist. You can get them upto 200kg i believe.

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    A hoist is a lot of messing around and involves being able to stand, then bending down and attaching the chair to the lift.

    IMO a ramp is the only option and that limits you to the Kangoo or Berlingo shape, unless you want to go for a van or minibus. I use a minibus, but I bought it secondhand as IMHO paying out thousands for a car you have to hand back in a few years is madness.

    I think you will also find that a Freelander will be too small. These are the worst of the Land Rover family and like a Tardis in reverse - more space on the outside than on the inside.

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