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Thread: Tinnitus is it recognize by PIP and DWP??

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    Tinnitus is it recognize by PIP and DWP??

    I have now got to have a MRI scan for my tinnitus as its so bad it effects my balance and makes me feel dizzy all the time and is there 24/7. Suffer really bad migraines also. Also stops me sleeping as hear a constant buz /scream/hiss/high pitched frequency noise.
    I have actually through the years not reconised it was tinnitus and bought new tvs as thought it was them screaming lol until i complained to the doctor and he said it was tinnitus.
    I have been to ENT had hearing test and they have sent me appointment for the Tinnitus clinic also.
    Just wondered do dwp recognize Tinnitus?

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    My wife had tinnitus for years, recently she went for a hearing test and although her hearing was near perfect the audiologist gave her hearing aids to try. Didn't cure it but reduced it to an acceptable level.
    I used to have ringing in my ears but it went when I stopped ringing the church bells
    Anything expressed is my opinion only and is offered in good faith. It is either from my own experiance or what I have learned on my journey. Take it for what it is or leave it alone. With best wishes D.

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    If it causes you difficulties in functioning, you might be eligible for PIP. The DWP isn't very interested in the diagnosis (tinnitus), as they assess the functional difficulties you have.

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    I was was diagnosed with SSHL (I went deaf overnight 2 yrs ago) apart from losing a majority of my hearing I suffer vertigo balance issues screaming tinnitus & a periphial right side dysfunction caused through the auditory nerves dying. I was awarded SG Esa & PIP 2 years ago. I had broken my back 5 yrs ago, but was put into wrag! Eventually after much hassle I was transferred to sg, but purely for my sshl. I was given enhanced mob & standard care for pip. But I'm being reassesed again for esa now & pip 2019. So I would say try to claim PIP, Tinnitus makes my life a misery I cant function normally, dont sleep cant concentrate always losing my balance & can no longer go out alone. Good luck if you apply

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    I had renewal pip with Capita begining of feb this year and lost my award and put in for M R won my award back from 2 points.
    In my M R i did send them appointment letter for Tinnitus clinic and date as assessor refused any medical eveidence.
    but i have appealed as was given 4 points mob and mh said appeal it.As i have dizzy spells dont sleep like you as the noise is terrible at night, my concerntration is effected also. it has made my life a misery i try to dig the noise out my ears especially on the right side. i suffer with extremely bad migraines too.
    Also lower back problems.
    On really bad days my tinnitus distorts my hearing to certain words also.

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    sundontshine you sound exactly like me. I started suffering from tinnitus early this year after several ear infections. When it first started I thought I was going mad. I couldn't sleep, felt dizzy all the time and my anxiety went through the roof. My grandmother has Ménière's disease and suffers really badly with tinnitus. It really worries me because Ménière's is hereditary. One of features of it is having narrow ear canals which my grandmother and myself have. My ear canal in my left ear sometimes closes and causes me excruciating pain. I haven't mentioned any of this on my PIP application because I just assumed they wouldn't care less. I'm on medication for it, and it's on my medical records. Maybe I should mention it at my assessment this week. No one can understand what tinnitus is like unless they experience it themselves.

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    Belljar You are so right NO ONE can understand what Tinnitus is untill they experience it themselves!
    I have to beg my doctor for sleeping tablets but he is very reluctant to give them to me as i have MH issues also. Sleep deprevation is the worst and having mh issues does not help. so i get 7 a week which my daughter keeps and gives me daily.
    Yesterday my tinnitus was full roaring mode driving me nuts all i kept doing was digging at my ears holding my nose blowing through my ears hopeing i could get rid of the ringing. Today my tinnitus is a bit more mellow. its there but try not to focus on it.
    You should mention it if it effects you.
    well i been referred now to tinnitus clinic from ENT later this month and waiting for MRI scan.

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    Your condition isn't important it's how it affects you, after my Mandatory Reconsideration, they said they couldn't take into consideration my growth restriction, was like waving a red flag at a bull, went to tribunal and they didn't express any difficulty in considering my functional difficulties due to my height (4ft 2). Got 9pts care (STD) and 8pts mob (STD)

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    you should to consuming mineral and vitamin-rich

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    When I lived in Wales the NHS supplied me with special hearing aids, my tinnitus is due to a brain injury, they work brilliantly, when I moved back to England the NHS does not supply hearing aids for tinnitus .
    I have suffered a Traumatic Subachnoid Brain Haemorrhage several years ago, I do struggle to understand quite simple as well as long postings and can be appear to be quite blunt or rude in my post it is not intentional, it is very difficult to find the right word to explain, it is just part of my condition, please except my apologise in advance, due to my injury I am also very sensitive.

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