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Thread: Wetroom body dryer

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    Wetroom body dryer

    Hi I am debating whether to invest in a full body dryer.At present I can still dry myself but it is getting increasingly difficult my hands and elbows are becoming more restricted.Does anyone have experience of body dryers in their home?

    I have looked at

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    Im in similar circumstances to you with decreasing mobility and whilst still having the ability will shortly, as in the next few weeks be installing one of these myself.
    A decision on the model is still open but im proudly patriotic and will certainly put a British made unit at the front of my list.
    Will do further info/updates as and when but invite info from other users.

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    Have today installed an Apres body dryer. At £375 it had little competition, its easy to install with clear not translated instructions. Takes up unused space in my medium sized shower cubicle and poses no obstacles/edges/intrusions.
    It promises a lot but delivers a lot, Im impressed!!! dried me effortlessly including my long hair in less than 3 minutes.
    All said its British made, not cheap but has no competition, looks good, reasonable quality but is easy to install and effective in use and comes with a 3 year warranty.
    I am happy to recomend.

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