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Thread: DLA award ends next year

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    DLA award ends next year


    My DLA award ends next year, so that's when my transition to PIP will start.

    Last month I had a reassessment of my ESA, where i had a face to face assessment, and the result of which i continue in the support group.

    My query is, come next year when i will be assessed for PIP, will I have to attend another face to face assessment, or will they be able to take into consideration the data from my recent ESA assessment?
    If the duration between them would be too long, could i ask for the PIP to be brought forward so to avoid a further face to face assessment.
    My reasoning for asking about this is i had a horrid experience on my ESA assessment due to my social phobia's and would rather not repeat it, if it could be avoided.
    I am aware that i may lose out financially with the PIP assessment if bringing it forward a year, but that is the lesser of 2 evils in having another face to face assessment so soon.


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    ESA and PIP have different criteria and the two are not really compatible. Most people will have an f2f for PIP unless they have overwhelming evidence. So it is not a good idea to bring forward your PIP assessment, rather spend the time getting to know what is required and collecting your evidence.
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    They did try a couple of years back using ESA assessments for PIP, and vice-versa.

    But they found that it did not work - because although the questions are similar the way the answers are assessed is very different.
    ESA is only about working, PIP is about how your whole life is affected.
    They found it only worked right in a very few, clear cut, cases and so they stopped trying it.
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    Thank you both,

    I will continue as i am and not worry about it till next year.
    Whenever i see my consultants they send me a copy of the letter they send to my GP, which i keep as evidence.

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