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Thread: Mandatory Reconsideration - Success

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    Mandatory Reconsideration - Success

    Hi folks,
    I just wanted to let people know that Mandatory Reconsideration can work.
    My sister has Rheumatoid Arthritis, COPD and had a heart attack 2 yrs ago. To cut a long story short, her original claim 2 years ago, awarded her standard care PIP. She got 11 points. This was based on the use of “aids.” The award was for 3 yrs.
    Her PIP renewal form came through November. 2 yrs in. We ticked that her condition had got worse and wrote explanations and also included documentation. She was called for a Face to Face. We had a lovely HCP. She expressed surprise that my sister was not on “top for both” as she put it.
    At the end of the meeting, she asked if there was anything we needed to add, and I said no as long as she understands that my sister needed assistance with daily living etc and not just aids. She said yes, she understood. We didn’t feel we needed to elaborate as the HCP started the meeting with the statement that she had read everything on the file.
    The renewal came, awarded standard care PIP again but this time standard mobility.
    Reading through the report I felt that there were discrepancies. I am sure this is because they type at the same time as talking to you! She wore hand splints – there was no mention of this. The justification for each point had the same sentence……….. about grip.
    I wrote back and explained why I felt the decision was wrong and why I felt her needs had not been fully understood. Why I disagreed with this notion of “grip.”
    I didn’t include any new material. I just paraphrased what was said on the original … I included quotes from the consultant’s letters that they would already have on their system. I also wrote out the descriptors and explained why I felt she should have been awarded a different one. Even at times using their own definitions and phrases. I also said that I felt maybe everything that had been sent before had not been seen? Or playing devil’s advocate, had not been scanned in?????
    Result, she was awarded the correct benefit. Enhanced care pip. I did not challenge the standard mobility, but they reviewed that too and awarded Enhanced mobility.
    MR letter sent to them on 17.04.17. Their response letter was dated 07.05.17. Received 11.05.17
    So there you go folks, if you feel that your condition has not been fully understood, or rather that you feel how your condition affects your ability to perform day to day living has been misunderstood then do take the effort to write in. And you don’t always need any new information as in our case. Just politely point out why you feel the way you do.
    They also awarded back pay to the renewal form date.
    Sadly, my sister has now been diagnosed with lung cancer. Stage 3 a. The irony is I don’t think she’ll live to the end of this new award! (2021)
    When she had her original claim 2 years ago, I wanted to do a MR then, but was put off by reading that you could end up with nothing. As she had 11 points we didn’t want to risk it. Please don’t be put off writing in if you disagree with their award.
    Good luck folks and best wishes to all. x

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    Glad to hear you got a decent response in the MR. It's good for all to hear, good news, with all the negative feedback that is normal.

    Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, I'm sure the thoughts of many on here including myself, will be with you on hearing this.


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    Thank you for sharing this with us here on this forum.
    I hope that it helps others consider putting in for MR.

    Like mzmps, my thought are with you having heard about your sister`s diagnosis.


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    Happy to hear about your success as many once they get their result go awol good or bad, the many on this forum who are so helpful like to hear back from people they have helped and hopefully a lot may stay around to help others, I read many posts where some posters on this forum have spent ages helping and it must frustrate them when people disappear.

    Very sad to hear of your sisters diagnosis, but certainly seems as she has a supportive family around her, best wishes to you all.

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    MR are looked at again, so if more evidence is provided or the MR is written strongly then it should have an effect on the original decision. I think a lot of times also it is unfortunately paper stamped through!

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    thank you for your acknowledgments. This site and others are a godsend for those poor souls who are just too ill to fight. Well done to you all who offer support and advice to those who feel like they are at rock bottom. It is also a god send to the relatives and friends who want to help but don't know where to start. Keep up the positive work. xxxx

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    It's always good to hear of mr successes thank you for sharing, I'm sure it will encourage others in your position to challenge a decision if they feel it's not right

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    Really good news,thankfully I didn't need to do the MR as the decision maker overruled my 0 points on the phone.

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