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Thread: DLA stopping & invitation to apply for PIP

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    DLA stopping & invitation to apply for PIP

    I recently received the dreaded letter to say that my DLA was stopping and inviting me to apply for PIP. I phoned this morning to start the ball rolling and I feel very uneasy about the whole process. I was originally awarded Mobility Allowance for life - this was going back to the ‘olden days’ when we had family GPs who knew each family’s history. My GP knew that my disability would never improve so he put me forward to receive the allowance for life. However, I may be disabled, but I am fortunate that I am rarely ill and so rarely have to see a GP. I don’t even know who my GP is! On the phone to the DWP today I gave the address of my GPs practice and panicked when asked for my GPs name, so gave the name of my husband’s GP.

    I’m worried in case the DWP contact the GP's practice to ask for confirmation of my disability - nobody there knows me, so how can they comment? Would my records go right back to my childhood? Should I make an appointment with a GP at the practice to discuss this before the DWP contact them?

    I’m not even over the first hurdle and I’m worrying!

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    I was on DLA HR Mobility indefinate and got the letter in dec had f2f now on pip standard mobility and care. I don't know what your disability is some of mine are from childhood but i've always had to go and see GP, sometimes they ring your GP for health info and they will be given what they have relating to your disability. Have to say pip aren't that interested in med info over about 2yrs. Also pip is very different to Dla you'll notice that when the form comes. And most will tell you it's luck of the draw I only had hr mobility on dla as that's my biggest issue so i never had care but this time i got care but lower mobility though i have no help off anyone else when i asked why they said because i use aids and don't do things in a normal way is why i got the care and the mobility was lowered because the distance is different to what it was under DLA. You will need some medical documentation saying what you have wrong or a letter off your GP just saying what you have how it affects you. I think you should defo make an appointment asap with a GP find out what they have on their records I'm lucky with my gp he put all my conditions and how they affect me in a letter and gave it me for free some docs wont do letters others will and charge. If you were born with a disability that affects you put it on form but they will want to know how it affects you on a daily basis. Also you could go to the CAB with help filling it in a lot of people do goodluck

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    I would agree that you should visit your GP to introduce yourself and explain that you are transferring for DLA to PIP and you require some up to date medical evidence.

    Before you go I suggest that you familiarise yourself with the descriptors for PIP and the assessment as these are quite different to those for DLA.

    All the tasks need to be carried out safely, reliably and in a timely manner (sorry, the exact words are in the link) and this is very important to make sure you meet the correct descriptor and needs emphasising when you complete the form. Therefore it would help if your doctor is able to make comments regarding these. (Some will, some won;'t)

    Although it is said that they contact your GP they more often than not don't so it is important to get some up to date evidence.

    I also agree that getting some help to complete the form is a very good idea.

    This is the link

    It is very long but well worth reading.

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    Thank you. This is going to be a steep learning curve for me!

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    Thank you. Will look at the link.

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