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Thread: Wordsearch, wim, win, win! Probably not.

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    Wordsearch, wim, win, win! Probably not.

    Maybe due to previous employment, prior to disability, when watching TV and ads came on, was not paying attention. Then WIN £17000 CASH, came up (ps not 'shouting', that's how it appeared. It is a wordsearch competition, with a 0906 number.

    Don't know why like I say, as was on computer at same time, did a quick search of company. Not got a good history, under a couple of names, £800,000 fine 5 years ago. Quite a few complaints over years too.

    So just beware, not saying they are doing anything illegal, but if you do call with the name and colour, it's going to cost @£10 BT, more from others usually.

    Many people in the same boat as me, not able to work, may have TV on quite a bit, or you may just drop on it just saying beware, they say 30 seconds to find answers, yet with recorders, SKY+, Virginmedia, all you do is pause it and answers don't need to be in till end of October. So give impression you need to hurry, but I would'nt personally at all.

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    Never ever fall for it.

    You have very little chance of winning anything.

    They make many times more money in call charges than they pay out in prizes.

    They make even more money selling your phone number, address, and email if you give it to others.

    And then you get bombarded with calls, letters, and emails from other barely legal scammers.

    If they have your email then you have also let yourself open to a Ransomware message.
    NEVER open anything attached to an email unless it's something you were expecting, and even then run it through your virus scanner first.
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    They according to responses on some forums, then give you the chance to try other 'competitions', the as you say if you respond, all of sudden its letters, emails etc. even to family members of those who have entered.

    As you say it is all about money from phone calls.

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