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Thread: Advice about increasing DLA

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    Advice about increasing DLA

    Hi guys cautious carole here

    I currently get low rate for personal care high rate mobility so I have a mob car on DLA lifetime award.

    My health has deteriorated since I was first awarded DLA 10 years ago and was looking to increase the personal care.

    I'm not sure the best way to go about it.

    Would I have to make a new claim for DLA, therefore risking losing my car if they downgrade me on the mobility side of things or would it have to be a pip claim or attendance allowance because I'm 70.

    Just weighing up my options and whether its worth doing.

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    Minefield this one I THINK aged 70 and you wanted to claim a change of circumstances you would have to have had the deterotaion before you reached 65, otherwise again not 100% you would have to contact attendance allowance, I'm sure someone with a bit more knowledge will know more.

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    Yes, you can increase the care award of DLA after the age of 65 but you must have had these care needs for 6 months.

    Read this link:

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    You just ring up and tell them your care needs have changed and they'll send you a form out. I did it for my grandmother (who was 76 at the time) a couple of years ago when her health deteriorated. She went from middle rate care (high mobility) to high care. From what I remember it was fairly straight-forward. Because she was going from middle to high care I had to show that she needed help during the night as well as during the day.

    Good luck!

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