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Thread: the new UC50 form will replace the ESA50 form , please be prepared

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    the new UC50 form will replace the ESA50 form , please be prepared

    hi all ,
    i expect most of you know that IRESA is being changed (at some point) to IRUC/ESA..
    i have found a very usefull link explaining how people on "old style" ESA are going to be affected.
    please read http://benefitsaware.centralenglandl...-you-are-sick/

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    they say we will be switched between 2018 and 2021 , so it may happen to you in spring..
    goverment set to tell us more around the time of the autum statement 2017
    if your circumstances change its likely you will be migrated from "old style" ESA to UC straight away if your single.

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    Well given how perfectly UC is performing for tens of thousands of people all over the country I expect it'll be a massive improvement and will make countless lives much better for everyone currently on IRESA

    And of course save the government lots of money with UC performing well under it's projected cost and budget

    Legal Disclaimer. I may in fact have been lying about all of that

    Have a great weekend

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    haa well done phaedra,
    well UC will mean a cut in ESA for new claimants (old style ESA migrated claiments are not ment to loose out) but i expect we dont know the half of whats coming!!..
    also it makes the benifit cap easier to manage as everyone gets 1months money direct from goverment.(council will no longer pay HB)
    i also think the ESA assessment will be modified under UC

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    as far as i can see UC is bad news , if your rent is over the LHA rate (google LHA rates to find how much rent you can claim) in private accom this will be diducted from your monthly UC payment..
    if your in social housing and have more bedrooms than you need this will be diducted from your UC.
    its not crystal clear if they are going to apply LHA rates to social housing ? at present your LHA rate is just for private tennants..
    there are some things not paid under UC that was paid under "old style" ESA , like DLA/PIP severe disability premiums..
    all so when your migrated to UC there is a 6-7 week period between your last "old style" payment and your new UC monthly payment.
    most social landlords are aware that there will be a delay in rent payments while claiments are migrated but most private landlords will need to be told and alternative rent days/payment arangements made..
    in most cases all claiments will recieve there rent with there other benifits on the same day each month and have to arrange to pay it to there landlord..
    your landlord can request a direct payment form from UC and the claiment can also ask for rent to be paid direct to landlord but not clear if dwp will always allow this..
    well i hope everyone finds out all they can about UC and how its going to affect us ALL and dont just sit and wait for the brown envalope to hit the mat.. if your currently in support group of ESA and when your moved to UC you may be asked to attend a JC and sign a UC comitment form (this does not mean your fit for work) but it is worrying there making everyone sign a comitment form when there assessment found them unfit for work? and what are we commited to UC for?

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    here is another link explaining some reasons why you maybe migrated from "old style " ESA to UC sooner than you expect..

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    warning to claiments on IRESA , as far as i can gather if your circumstances change (you move address out side your current local council area) or anything deemed (a change in circumstances) you will be asked to claim UC instead of staying on "old style " ESA also theres a BUT and that is your NOT then classed as a natural migration to UC and your weekly ESA amount is NOT protected under (transitional protection) this is a point not many people know in other words dont move home untill after THEY have moved you onto UC..
    this is very unfair as my landlord is selling this place and i wanted to move away , but now im going to have to rent local untill im "naturally" migrated by the DWP..
    is there any boffins on here who know how much i would actually loose if i moved to UC now? im in support group ESA and get £126pw so being in support group would mean im not required to look for work untill im retested (even under UC) but just wondering what my weekly money would drop to? is it £109pw?..

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    this link may explain what i was saying above more clearer >

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    Posted last week, a short explanation to the ESA-UC migration (and moving house):
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    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

    Migration from ESA to Universal Credit- Click here for information.

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    ive been on Ugov and used a benifits calcalator for UC , and according to that i will get £126pw for my IRESA/support group (although i think UC term it unable to work and will soon drop the term ESA)..
    so even tho it says those that move NOW without "protected transistion" will loose money, i will still get the same rate?..
    i will have to phone the ESA helpline and see if this is correct.

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