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Thread: The most or least accessible cities/towns in the U.K. you have visited.

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    The most or least accessible cities/towns in the U.K. you have visited.

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to hear about your experiences about the cities and towns you have visited in the U.K and/or live nearby or in. If you could give your thoughts as to why where you have been is a good or bad place to go, that would be really helpful.

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    Hi Callan,

    Is this another student research question, like your previous one was?

    If it is then you should really state so and put it in the surveys and research sub-forum, just like you did with your last one.

    People will answer student research questions if they can.

    We do occasionally see students pretending they have a personal question rather than saying upfront that it is research, I assume they think the will get more or 'better' answers.
    This lack of honesty can put some peoples noses out of joint.
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    None of the replies were intended to be used in the research but I will close this thread and move it to my previous post.

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