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Thread: MOT'd and serviced for another 12 minutes

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    MOT'd and serviced for another 12 minutes

    Well, fingers crossed as I took my humble Renault Scenic in to my local village garage for its MOT and service - cost £195 which also included the need for a light bulb.

    So, I'm in two minds whether to hang onto it as it's a 57 plate but meets my access needs being automatic, low door sill, boot hoist, steering ball. I only cover about 6000 miles a year so it works out as cheap motoring.

    Insurance and roadside service cost about another £450 a year.

    So in theory motoring should cost £650 a year plus petrol. So it's a good way of saving money towards another vehicle.

    I might be eligible to lease a Motability car - buy a 5 year old car or stick with what I have.

    What would you do.

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    i think you 12 minutes are up

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    Stick with your reliable and suitable car, it's time to think of replacing your present car if or when it becomes unreliable.

    Keep on trucking

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    Before we got my first mobility car in 2010 we had a 1998 Scenic and we loved it but the timing chain/belt went and we couldn't afford to get it mended so that's why we went for a mobility car.My husband was in the process of claiming DLA and we never thought for one minute he would get it but he did and he got a nice back pay payment that if it had come a month earlier we could of had the Scenic repaired.I'd go for another one but the only thing we don't like about it is that the back seats don't lay flat and we would have to take them out to get 2 scooters in.
    Stick with yours until it says no more.

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    The old Renault Automatic gearbox is faulty. I think something major is wrong. The engine is leaking fluid and it revs but doesn't change into 4/5th gear. I'm using it still for short trips but need to change it.

    Can anyone suggest a vehicle that has a high hatch to accommodate a hoist and unfolded wheelchair.

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    Sad to hear your trusty steed has given up the Ghost

    Lack of transmission fluid would almost certainly cause the problem you describe.........might be wise to have a Transmission Specialist have a quick look to see if the leak can be cured without too much never know your luck.

    You could also have the transmission topped up and then send it to Auction.

    I'm afraid I can't think of a suitable car/van to suggest.

    Good luck whatever you decide

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    The automatic gearbox could do with a transmission fluid change.

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    Sorry to hear that. If not already sorted, probably worth calling Mobilityconversions in Salford (not sure if they fitted your hoist?) I’ve always found them a very reliable source of info re what will fit in what. RICA also have exact lists of hatch dimensions which might help. Old Scenics had such a good hatch!! I had a couple with a boot hoist in and they worked well.

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