Linda Fudge, 69 from Barton on Sea, Hampshire, is a charming lady who lives independently despite having Parkinson’s. She is fully determined to remain at home and avoid relocation into residential care. To ensure her preferred lifestyle is maintained as long as possible, Linda has acquired a Rotoflex from Theraposture which is the original and proven rotational bed.

Before retirement Linda was a qualified nurse and served in the Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service (PMRAFNS) for nearly 30 years. She originally intended to be a Policewoman but due to a slight speech impediment her application was declined.

Hence Linda pursued a carer in nursing and midwifery which led to service in the PMRAFNS and deployment around the world. She was finally stationed as Matron at Headley Court and cared for many injured service personnel returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Now living with the effects of Parkinson’s Linda requires assistive equipment to remain mobile – her new Rotoflex is a vital solution for safe access in and out of bed.

Linda discovered the electrically powered Rotoflex when reading her Parkinson’s Society membership newsletter. Theraposture works closely with Parkinson’s UK so its members can benefit from quality adjustable beds and chairs with a 10% discount. Linda had not seen a rotating bed before and after careful consideration decided it might be the solution for her.

Linda explains: “Before owning my Rotoflex, getting in and out of bed was becoming increasingly difficult. I was having to pull myself up on my arms and my elbows were developing sores. My original bed was a very basic electric bed however it would not sit me up, I had this for two years but it was not suitable for my developing needs. Read more....