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Thread: Diverticulitis - any one suffer with it?

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    Question Diverticulitis - any one suffer with it?

    i have been poorly for a week started with right RIF soreness but then developed in to right abdomen pain which was intense.

    i have since had a CAT scan and it showed acute Diverticulitis with other findings.

    i am just wondering if anyone here suffers with this medical condition and how they deal with it when it flares up.

    at this moment one poorly person sat here

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    Hi, I have suffered with divertiulitis for years, my colon has been infected in the past and I have had a polyp removed from it.

    I have been so bad that I have had to see my GP when I had a flare up and she has always sent me for yet another colonoscopy, I have also had a barium enema, due I think to the polyp removal. I can't really give you any info about controlling flare ups, mine seem to have righted itself but it did take years...sorry, not what you wanted to hear.

    Hope you feel better soon

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    only just found out i have this. as i have been having stomach issues for over 10 years now. while sitting down i have to keep moving about to calm the pain down a little also most times i eat something i have to rush to the toilet. so if i have to leave the house i cannot eat until im home again or near a toilet. which doesn't help my diabetes

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    My mother was diagnosed about 30 years ago, she immediately changed her diet to increase her fibre eating all bran every day (which she hated) and other high fibre foods and lost a lot of weight going from a hefty size 24 to a curvy size 18 (for fellas that's three dress sizes) her condition dramatically improved and her divaticulitis was completely controlled.

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    this is an old thread now still battling with this painful condition and again another flare up acute this time and also now getting some bowel soiling, going through assessment for pads

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