Hi. I have an allergy problem and questions regarding benefits.

I am a 40-something person with ever increasing numbers of allergies (and other auto-immune conditions like asthma and eczema). At present I am severely allergic to around 100 food and pharmaceutical products. Contact with them via consumption, touch or vapour causes anaphylaxis of various levels depending on the allergen. Reactions are variable from things I can treat with antihistamines/steroids, through to the whole throat swelling/asthma level that takes a couple of emerade auto-injectors to dampen. I do work at present but contracts dont last very long due to my health getting more and more wrecked with each attack. If I have more than one or two attacks per month I start to suffer side effects from using the steroids/adrenaline (depression, paranoia, heart palpitations, to name a couple). Usually within 6-8 weeks I need time out to get my health back on track (usually by locking myself away from the world while my body calms down and recovers). If a job lasts more than 8 weeks I consider it to be a good one.

I am considering ESA. Currently I get JSA in between jobs and usually after 3-4 weeks of recovery can easily pick up a new contract. This isn't ideal in the long term as my allergies are never going to get better, but may get a lot worse (direct quote from my consultant at Immunology). But at the same time I like working, it keeps me sane, gives me money to buy things, makes life worthwhile.

My question is what exists besides ESA and is it worth applying for by someone in my situation?

My end goal is I have a job and can move on with my life. But at present I seem to be wrecking my body on a regular basis and the recovery periods are getting longer each time. I worry eventually I will get a reaction that I cant stop with the medication I carry, and worse case die from it.

Any help, thoughts, insights, advice would be appreciated.