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Thread: Flying with a wheelchair

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    Well her story just fills you with dread doesn't it. I have to say I flew Easyjet in 2012 with a hire manual (all OK) and with my own Karma manual in 2013 (Monarch i think. But now I need my powered chair and the thought of THAT going wrong is dreadful!! It was bad enough breaking down in Lancaster once.
    More research to be done methinks!!

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    I've just had a rant in the thread about Manchester airport. Based on my experience, it's the worst airport in terms of traveling with a wheelchair, but I might have been unlucky. We all arrange assistance in advance LT! It's very very different if you're able to walk short distances. In terms of airlines, some seem better than others. Randomly Virgin and Lufthansa have worked well for me.

    I'm pretty laid back and reckon I do a lot, but posting this morning makes me realise I need to get a bit more confident about travelling by air again. I also need a holiday!

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    Well where we go, I imagine it won't be from Manchester (sorry LT!) Living in the Midlands more likely East Midlands. Even if we went to Gatwick. Another issue is train from Telford to Manchester means Cross country rail. Upon phoning XCountry, there limit on size of wheelchair is 70 cm wide......which us a bit shite, in my book!! I got the Lightdrive removing the back wheel, joystick and footplates. NOT a picnic on a moving train, I'll tell you. But my new off roader is not going via cross country. B#######ds!!

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    I just stumbled across this information that might be useful . . .

    Can I carry Lithium ion batteries in the aircraft cabin?

    You can carry a maximum of two spare lithium ion batteries in carry-on baggage and these must be individually protected to prevent short circuits. Battery terminals must be either recessed or packaged so as to prevent contact with metal objects including terminals of other batteries.

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    Awe man that sucks,70cm is a bit narrow! Just a thought but can't you box around the direct route a bit and maybe get a wider limit? May be an extra wee while travelling but will save you stripping a chair down on a train. Just a thought,maybe not a goer but worth a try.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lighttouch View Post
    I prefer to use wheelchair assistance that I arrange in advance. You're the first on the plane and the last one off. However, if assisted they take you through a rabbit warren of corridors as a short cut - through passport control for just you. At the conveyor belt they'l collect your luggage and take you outside to the taxi-rank and you'l get the next taxi available. When I visited New York I was the last off our plane and the first one to leave the airport in a Yellow Cab. There are some advantages to being disabled!
    I found this lady online and she is a fellow Lightdrive owner. She recommends putting the motor in a hard shell suitcase and the lithium ion battery has to be carried on. So we would most definitely be booking assistance. Bear in mind I can't self-propel, and my partner is not strong enough to push me OR a trolley which would have 2 large cases, 2 small, PLUS 1 case of medical equipment for him and hard shell suitcase with motor and lithium ion battery. All of the above needs carting from the taxi.....we can't even get in the airport w.o. help!!

    Our experience so far has been good (Gatwick), abandoned at the arrivals dept (Rhodes) and that was w.o. the motor. Excuse me for being a bit paranoid.

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    Flying with a wheelchair

    Ive got a problem with a flying-subsection command fly-to-station, dont know by heart what the cmd is called exactly - anyway while it works fine and the ship flies to that station, if I do this on an AI controlled ship, e.g. Argon the Info Screen of that ship keeps telling that its returning to its homebase, which is not correct.

    Is there any seperate command to update the ship info?

    This is the only bug left in my TP-addon, for I dont want to keep changing their homebase always to make sure this information displays correct - so help would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vantage View Post
    Only issue with hiring a powered chair at the resort, which may not be a concern for some but would be for me, is the loss of independence at the airport.

    Would I want to sit in the accessible waiting area for hours waiting for someone to wheel me down to the gate? In my case no, I tend to make use of the lounges and make my own way to the gate.

    Without the power chair at the airport I would certainly be losing out.
    Yes I can understand, How such a embarrassing situation you have faced.

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