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    Any Tips

    Well its here tomorrow folks, my first ever jc+ interveiw after been in SG etc for many many years, any last tips?. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryo View Post
    Well its here tomorrow folks, my first ever jc+ interveiw after been in SG etc for many many years, any last tips?. Thanks
    when you say JC interveiw , how did this come about?

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    May be a bit late but-

    Are you still in SG and this is just just a voluntary metting?
    Or have you been moved from SG to WRAG following a reassessment?

    Either way its about the same:

    General advice is just to be yourself, as you would be on any other day.

    They will check your contact details, phone number, etc. and update them.

    If you are still in SG then it should just be a general conversation about how you are, what you are doing, and if you think you may be able to get back to work anytime.
    They may ask you to fill in a "Health and Work Conversation" questionaire. (See below).
    Remember, if you're in SG then they can ask you to do things or consider things to help you back to work, but they can't make you do any.

    If you have been moved to WRAG then you will probably be asked to fill in a "Health and Work Conversation" questionaire.
    This asks about any work you could do or would like to do, voulntary work, etc. and what you think is stopping you from doing it.
    The advisor will fill in most of this with you and use this to discuss/agree what your Work Related Activities should be, they will give you a letter saying what you have agreed to do.
    If you are now in WRAG then they can mandate you to you do these things or face a sanction.

    (Don't worry too much about that, for example my agreed Work Related Activity is simply to post on here and on another forum whenever I can manage it. As long as you can say you are doing something and that you are not just sat watching TV all day they can be reasonable).

    If you have time before you go and want to see the questionaire in advance then click on this link:
    Don't fill that one in, you are supposed to go through one with your advisor.
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    Been recently assesessed and transferred into wrag group,after approx 14yrs in SG or the like, still awaiting my MR..its all becoming a blur with me self medicating with alcohol, im on the edge

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    Well I went, in a haze,fell lasted all of about 5 mins..did nothing and was told we may contact you again in 6 months.
    Thanks for your relpies

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