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Thread: Second PIP/ESA Commons Select Committee next Wed.

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    It does seem pretty clear that's what's said in what you've quoted here nuke.
    Extract from their (second) reply:
    DWP’s revised response is therefore as follows:

    The Limited Capability for Work Assessment is the process a claimant will go through when they make a claim for Employment and Support Allowance. This is also referred to as a Work Capability Assessment. As part of this process, a claimant can be called to attend a face-to-face examination with a Healthcare Professional, to determine the claimant’s capability for work.

    For some claimants a medical examination is required as part of the WCA. A medical examination is where the healthcare professional assesses the effects of a claimant’s medical conditions on their ability to carry out functional tasks, rather than for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of their medical conditions.
    We do not carry out a face-to-face assessment where there is enough existing evidence to determine benefit entitlement.
    I've never heard or seen of anyone taking part in anything else (other than a Face to Face) or being asked to either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nukecad View Post
    That was earlier this month, and no they didn't have all the info needed.

    They have since submitted written answers to specific questions asked - At least Maximus (CHDA) and Atos have, Capita have yet to reply.
    You can download their written replies here:
    Thank you, do you think any changes will be made? Not in my lifetime maybe.

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