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Thread: Issues Just Keep On Coming

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    Issues Just Keep On Coming

    Well it started with the tyres and the run a round from kwikfit got Motability involved and resolved next day..that was monday of this week..On tuesday of this week ‘check number plate light’ appeared on the display again for the 5th time so off to our Vauxhall dealer who books in for today..What an absolute utter shambles and waste of my wifes time. Now the cars 2yrs old end of this month and not been without its problems all electrical, Been back to the dealers twice for the centre console display just staying black and displaying nothing..the immobiliser flashing and car wouldn’t start with either key..From what i have been told it was hooked up to the diagnostics and reprogrammed its now got to the point where the display works when it wants, It had the radio replaced a couple of weeks ago and within the last two months its been back 5 times for the same number plate light it was meant to have the bulb holder replaced but no both number plate bulbs replaced and a courtesy inspection even though it had a service less than 8weeks ago..advised the pther number plate bulbs shorting the other out??

    Wifes had enough sat over 2hrs for 2 bulbs to be yet again an email to motability regarding the issues and see what they have to say on it..untill today we were going to get another car from the dealer but not now lost complete faith and the will with them..We are questioning is it worth the hassle for what your Motability will be interested should be interesting.

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    Why don’t you just call Motability and ask them to end your lease early (with this car) and look for something else now rather than waiting another year?
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    Like Paul said, ring Motability and ask for an early termination of the contract. They allowed me to exit mine and that was purely because the car was too small for my needs and growing family. Yours seems like a much more just reason for early termination. I still had 18 months to go on mine.

    I've now ordered a Kia Sportage and I'm just waiting on delivery.

    I feel your pain when it comes to Vauxhall; We had a Zafira (our own before motability) and there's a known national issue where they're catching fire; hundreds of cara have caught fire all over the country and Europe, how no one has died is beyond belief. We had three recalls on ours and got nowhere and Vauxhall weren't fixing the issue. It was all over the press and Vauxhall didn't give a crap and the service garages and dealers couldn't be less customer focused if they tried.
    General Motors has since sold the company to Peugeot.
    I will never have another Vauxhall as long as I live. They have nothing but contempt for their customers!

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