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Thread: Council cuts, guess who pays.

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    Council cuts, guess who pays.

    Where I live there are plenty of properties that have nowhere to store a wheelie bin or get it to the kerbside, so you are allowed to leave refuse sacks at the kerbside for collection.

    Originally you could leave black bags but some years ago they changed this and they now have to be the Council's own sacks, the correct colour and printed with their logo. You can only get these if you are on their list as paying council tax.
    Black bags will be left behind (but collected days later), and you could get warned for fly tipping.

    Fair enough; they supply the printed sacks and they used to post a couple through your letterbox as they were doing the fortnightly collection.

    Move on a couple of years:

    I had not had any delivered for a while and had run out so I got on the phone to them.
    After a bit of a kerfuffle because the landlord pays the Council Tax so it is not in my name, we established that I was eligible for the offical sacks.
    But they no longer deliver, you have to go and collect your own from the council office.
    They have put me on their 3 month cycle.

    Which nominally means a 30 min each way bus ride every 3 months to collect some more. (At your own expense).
    In some of the outlying vilages around here it would take even longer (and cost more) if you don't have a car.
    Even if you do have transport it's going to cost you time, and money for petrol and parking.

    So they have saved money by not employing someone to deliver the sacks, at an increased cost to everyone who now has to go and collect their own.
    Oh, and of course you still pay the same Council Tax as those who get wheelie bins provided and delivered for free.

    Why couldn't they just allow us to put out black bags again?
    That would be cheaper for us and would save them even more - no need for them to buy the offical bags, no need to keep records of who has had how many, no need for staff to take the time to check your entitlement and dish them out.
    But of course someone might then 'abuse' the system and put out bags without paying council tax.

    End of Rant.
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    Thats utter bollox. If they collect, why can't they dish out the bags then? You should have a wheelie bin, even if you have to leave it at the kerbside. even flats have big share wheelie bins. Loose bags is just asking for vermin to rip them open. How short sighted of the council

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