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Thread: Dangerous Wheelchair Repair by Motability Dealer

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    Dangerous Wheelchair Repair by Motability Dealer

    So basically I’ve had my powered wheelchair for a year on the Motability scheme and have paid over £55 a week through my PIP for it.

    Early December the front wheels started jerking and trembling while driving outside. The whole chair would shake. I would have to keep stopping or driving at a snail’s pace to get anywhere.

    Reported the problem to ScootaMart, who are the authorised dealers and who I got the chair from. By the way I’ve had a wheelchair before on the scheme for 5 years but from another dealer. They sent an engineer out within a couple of weeks who looked at the problem and said he would have to order some parts as the bearings have gone. I found this to be weird that the company that deals in wheelchairs and repairs them would not have any bearings or wheels on hand for products they sell and maintain.

    Anyway after waiting another couple of weeks and not getting anything I had to contact Motability to complain. I was then told that the parts were on order and have to come from overseas and it would take awhile. The parts finally arrived six weeks after ordering and they came out to repair the wheelchair. However the engineer did not bring along any parts to fix the wheels and said that the bearings and the replacement wheels were still on order but he would fix the bearings so that wheelchair would temporarily be usable. It wasn’t on the problem was still there.

    After more calls to Motability and a few weeks later, earlier today the engineers came out and took the wheelchair outside and replaced the prime wheels with new ones and told me that the bearings had also been fixed or replaced.

    After the engineer went I got into the wheelchair and took it outside to the local shops. I noticed immediately that the jerking and the trembling had increased and the wheelchair was totally unusable. The only way the wheelchair would work was if I drove it at him very very slow speed which would get me nowhere. That was to be the least of my problems today.

    Few minutes later I felt a huge jolt as the wheelchair skidded to one side. It felt as though the wheel had fallen off. The wheel had not fallen off however a long 6 inch screw had come out of the wheel and was on the road. The screw itself was also bent. There is no way that if fitted properly this long screw would have come out of the wheel. It seems as though the engineer has been irresponsible by putting in a screw that had already been bent and not replacing it or screwing it in safely and firmly.

    During this my foot which was resting on the foot rest flew up due to the jolt and my shoe fell off in to the middle of the road. I felt ashamed and bad that I had to ask passers-by to help me collect my shoe and give it to me so that I could carry it home. My foot was also hurt during this.

    I contacted the engineers and they did not give me an explanation as to why the screw had fallen out and instead told me that they would come out on Friday and take the wheelchair away to have a look at it. I also contacted Motability by phone but was not able to get through to the person dealing with my case so I emailed him instead and he did reply before he came off duty in the evening. All he said was that he would look into it in the morning.

    I do not understand how a responsible engineer from a responsible company that deals with a government authorised scheme can make a repair like this on a wheelchair for a vulnerable disabled person. The damage could have been much worse to me or to a member of the public. As I drive the wheelchair on the road it could have caused a accident.

    I would appreciate it if you would be able to help me out as to where I can report this apart from the engineers and Motability. There must be some organisations that would be able to help me in getting this matter resolved so that it does not happen again either to me or to anyone else.

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    Sorry to hear your troubles and having never experienced anything like this type of farce I have no answer but I would have thought at the least that Motability would get you a temporary machine until your machine is fixed.

    The slogan for the motor car section is “Trouble free motoring” but it seems this does not apply to scooters.
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