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Thread: You learn summit new every day

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    You learn summit new every day

    I learned summit today in my long conversation with the "nice " folk from the the DWP they said that anyone who is disabled and they are in the support group they are not allowed by law to reduce their money or sanction them. Dont know if she was talking rubbish or what...

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    Yes, the Support Group are exempt from Mandatory activities/conditionality.

    Sanctions are given for not complying with mandatory activites/conditionaity, so as you are exempt from the activities you are exempt from sanctions.

    I posted this in another thread last week:
    Support Group – Limited Capability for Work Related Activity

    Claimants in the Support Group (SG) have Limited Capability for Work
    Related Activity (LCWRA). They are not subject to any mandatory
    SG claimants can choose to participate in Work Related Activity
    (WRA) on a voluntary basis and they can ask for voluntary support at any
    time. If SG claimants volunteer to participate in WRA but decide to stop, at
    any time, their Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) entitlement is not
    affected and they cannot be sanctioned. Jobcentres can choose to voluntarily
    engage with suitable SG claimants by telling them about the help and support
    available from Jobcentres and Work Programme providers. Offering voluntary
    support to a support group claimant is at the discretion of the work coach. An
    offer of voluntary support will not be suitable for all SG claimants.
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