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Thread: Ill Health Pension LGPS Appeals

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    Red face Ill Health Pension LGPS Appeals

    This is the first time I am using this site and hoped some one might be able to shed some light on the following. in 2014 I was awarded a tier 2 pension. I the same year but 3 months later received a deferred tier 1 pension both are through the LGPS. I approached the first local authority to reconsider for a tier 1 which they did by asking for a second opinion,however I was informed that the decision was to be upheld.

    My health has not improved in fact it has deteriorated and I remain unable to work. My intention is to again approach the LGPS regarding a review as 3 years have passed, |I have received all the treatments, medication and therapy's recommended.

    I have Analogising spondylitis and Fibromyalgia both are long term conditions.

    I would appreciate to hear from any body in a similar position or has knowledge of how the LGPS address such cases.

    Please feel free to ask for additional information.

    Kind regards


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    Hi Olivia,

    It's not something that I know about but it appears that you can't ask for a review.

    A search found this LGPS guidance which states (at the bottom of page 20):
    The Review mechanism

    38. 1st and 2nd tier ill health benefits are not reviewable but 3rd tier benefits are subject to a
    review. Under regulation 20(7)(a), the previous employer needs to undertake a review when 3rd
    tier payments have been made for 18 months. The employer should write to the 3rd tier member
    asking for details of their employment status. If, from the information provided, the employer
    decides that gainful employment had been obtained, the 3rd tier payments are discontinued.

    Further this document states in answer to Question 6 that there is NO review for the 1st or 2nd tiers.
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    Thank you so much for your response and taking the time to look into the reviewing process for tier two. I am thinking that perhaps the word Review is incorrect but have had difficulty finding the right term to use. I am contesting/appealing the decision made at the time, even though I was informed that it would not be overturned. I still strongly disagree with the outcome. I feel that the review procedure for tier 3 should also apply to tier two as the guidelines around gainful employment are the same.

    Not giving up..

    Thank you again.


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    Also the person that took a second look at my case did not see me in person and was a colleague of the first decision maker.


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