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Thread: Moderators?

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    Is there a reason why you cannot appoint some moderators too stop all of the spam coming onto the forum? I also dont see why you make it so easy to register and post endless links?
    The newest one doing it is

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    Just seen at the top of this forum it says this

    Admin will not discuss Spam and Moderation settings as this would help spammers and trolls.

    They do not need any help, you already make it easy enough for them.

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    Hi justme2017,

    As you may know, we started work on upgrading the forum towards the end of last year. The bulk of the work has been completed, however parts of the forum need to be updated incrementally - this part includes the spam filters.

    While this work is being carried out it has meant that spammers are able to get through and post - our web development team are working on a fix.

    We appreciate this is frustrating and are aware of the level of posts getting through. Our Admin team (moderators) work normal office hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and they are doing all they can to remove these posts as quickly as possible.

    We are working towards a fix and we appreciate your patience while this work is being carried out.

    If you have any further queries you can contact the admin team directly here:

    From DLF Admin team

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    Hi, thanks for the response. I still think it would be a good idea too have a one or two users as moderators, as they are here giving advice outside normal working hours. You have a few well established users whom would be perfect.

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    Thank you for your suggestion, justme2017. We'll keep you updated on how this work is progressing.

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