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Thread: Bidet Toilet Seat versus Close-O-Mat Toilet

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    Just seen this Beau hope it is helpful. Daughter has had a Clos-o-mat for years don't know how it keeps running but it does
    OOppss maybe i shouldn't have chanced it by typing that - she had it in the early 90's it went with her when she moved and going strong
    Sea Queen

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    Beau, that sounds excellent, be sure to let us know when we can all come and try it out

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    LOL only tried it once because I came away the next day. Seemed to work ok but need to play with the settings a bit more.

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    Very pleased with my choice, it does what it is meant to do now I have managed to get all the settings right for me. It has made a huge difference to my independence.

    Got a plaque for the cloakroom door "Throne Room" because by the time I had bought a new loo and the seat plus the fitting I could have bought a Throne. LOL
    Still much cheaper than the close-o-mat though

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    Bidet Toilet Seat versus Close O Mat Toilet

    I no longer have time to use this account and would like to close can I do that? Thanks.

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    Rather annoyed, the remote for the bidet has stopped working, been playing up for a week or so. Hubby changed the batteries this morning to no avail so I rang them. They won't replace it until it is returned and checked, fair enough. Returned at my own expense with no refund of postage even if it has gone faulty. They won't even get a courier to pick it up and I can't easily get in the post office. They suggested parcel force who will pick it up but that will cost an arm and a leg. I am not a happy chappie. It is still under guarantee too, I could understand it if it wasn't.

    The seat itself works on the static controls but not with the remote.

    Although the seat is fine when it is working, I wouldn't advice anyone to buy one. Bio Bidet from PDS Hygiene, their customer service is appalling.

    Depending on the outcome I may get in touch with trading standards.

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