DWP contractors, including Shaw Trust who own this website, now have a clause in their contracts that says they must:

“pay the utmost regard to the standing and reputation” of work and pensions secretary Esther McVey
"promise never to do anything that harms the public’s confidence in McVey or her Department for Work and Pensions."

(It actualy says "the contracting body", which is Ms McVey as the head of the DWP).

In fact it turns out that this clause has been in all DWP contracts since 2015.

The DWP say:
The clause is intended to protect the best interests of both the department and the stakeholders we work with, and it does not stop individuals working for any of our contractors from acting as whistle-blowers under the provisions of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, nor does it prevent contractors from raising any concerns directly with the department.
Sounds like a blanket gagging order to me - critcise us and we will take away your contract.