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Thread: Registration Bug

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    Inwas about to post this same thing.

    I have just registered after a bit of a nightmare.

    I was sent this link

    By fluke rather than PC knowledge you need to delete “yanewuser_”

    Correct link is

    Hope anyone who gets this issue has the sense to read this thread as opposed to me who was frustratingly deleting random parts of the link till it worked!

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    Cheers slowdriver, welcome to the forum.

    I've now emailed the Admin about the problem so hopefully they'll fix it quickly.
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    Thanks for reporting, our Web Development team are aware. Please contact us directly with any queries relating to joining the forum and/or activating your account.

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    Thank you OP snowybrighton and slowdriver, I just had the same issue trying to activate my account. I deleted “yanewuser_” and it worked.

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