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Thread: Latest in a long line of anxieties

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    Latest in a long line of anxieties

    Do I need to take action? Hope everyone is ok.Any help with my most recent anxiety about PIP appeal would be most welcome.The panel have requested access to medical records, I signed the consent form and posted it back 3 weeks ago.Had to see my GP last week and up to then he hasn't heard anything about it.I am now worried this seems a long time, do I need to contact the them to make sure it,s got there?, or is it just that it takes a long time,many thanks.

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    it cant hurt to call and check,if you dont push them they will wait for ever.its like sending doctors notes off everytime i send one i have to photo copy it as they have lost so many you wouldnt believe.and if you dont ask,they wont tell you.

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    My GP never knew anything about it either, then again why would he. The tribunal service inform the practice and the practice send them out. It took about five weeks for them to write out and receive them back.

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    ive just been told the same for esa,so im pleased to see the timeline of 5 weeks as ive had another assessment date sent out.

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