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Thread: strange letter from ESA about IR eligibility

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    ok i think i get that
    but i already had capital that was counted as giving me 'income' - at that time - and i think it will affect how much i can get, even though i was on high care/low mob til 2016 and low care/low mob since on pip
    OMG i think i am drowning in this

    i am really sorry for going on and on
    but my head feels like it is exploding and is screaming out for as much reassurance and 'sense' as i can possibly find

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    I got the same letter in May i did post on here i was taken across from IB to CB ESA SG and i was on DLA HR Mobility last year put over to PIP standard mobility and car. I rang the number on the letter someone rang me back to it over the phone 2weeks later got letter saying i am now on IR ESA SG got back pay i got an extra £15.?? for when i was on DLA Mobility and then from last year when i got the care component to got £64.?? they are disability premiuims so my benefit as gone up from £110.85 that i'd been on for about 7yrs no increase to £191pw i'm still in shock nothing to worry about

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    thank you - freedomeagle - for trying to reassure me

    things tend to get terribly 'big' in my head and then i get overwhelmed and crash - hence being on dla/pip!!

    my main problem is that i DO have savings and so it wont take very much to tip me out of IR benefits
    they all i need is for all this to trigger an ESA review and - well i am sure you are familiar with all the stress that brings!!

    I am really pleased for you that it has made such a great improvement to your income
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    I think you need just to contact them and see what they say they ask the questions that you've wrote that are on letter you just say at what point they did apply to you they then get someone to ring you to do form or they'll send the form, there's nothing about health at all mine over phone took about 15 mins she said it usually takes about 40mins but vaires. you can't just leave it they'll contact you again cos i said i wanted to leave it when i first rang and they said if on right benefit everything would just carry on but had to do it. I think you are working yourself up and need to deal with one thing at a time it sounds like you are trying to get it all looked at at once which is confusing things. Respond to the letter get that out of the way and take it from there. If you have found CAB unhelpful depending on your health issues and age there are other organisations that can help if you're older you could contact age concern, if you have mental health issues you could contact mind. Here is CAB online that you can chat with Hope you get it sorted

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    thank you freedomeagle, and yes I probably should contact them but I feel too apprehensive at the moment
    I am sure my form will take a lot longer as I had a hub and savings etc
    in fact on my letter it says if I don't want them to 'look again' at my entitlement then I can ring them and say no
    which makes me wonder if we are dealing with the same thing.

    Funnily enough I actually DID use the online CAB chat today - and guess what...
    the guy was really kind but didn't have a clue about the dwp issue - indeed I ended up sending HIM a link so he could read about it

    you are right I should maybe try MIND
    I am over 50 so could ask age uk maybe

    I think really my main concern is that if I do get something, it will take me out of IR benefits altogether

    I need to put my head back in that sand - it is too much
    back to the crochet

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    I see on rightsnet that full backdateing is happening to all claiments in northern Ireland surley this now must apply to the whole of the uk or is it to do with the dup propping up the tory goverment my guess it is

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    well my letter says back to may 2012 which is, I think, when I changed form IP to ESA - and I am in England

    although I am currently wondering if my letter/case is the same as other people's

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    not coping at all well
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    okay dwp rang today

    the whole call took nearly an hour - partly because I kept asking things

    he is now going to write and ask me to send in details of bank accounts for all those years -
    I have no idea if/where statements would be

    sorry about edits but feeling very paranoid since people keep reading but say nothing
    not sure what I have done wrong
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    I did see your earlier post before you edited it, but couldn't reply from the phone I was using at the time.
    So 3 or 4, maybe more?, of those 'reading but saying nothing' would have been me.

    Don't worry.

    He tried to fob you off, (his bad training told him that you didn't qualify), you told him you knew better, he put you on hold while he checked and found out that you were right.

    Good for you, he has now learned something his poor training didn't tell him about.

    You should not have to send them any bank statements, just tell them who your bank is/was and they will get the details they need themselves.
    Unless you have changed banks, or accounts, then it's going to be where they are currently paying your benefits.

    One thing - do not give anyone your PIN number, card numbers or anything like that.
    The DWP do not need to know those and will not even ask for them.
    Your name and bank address, (sort code if you know it), and maybe the last 4 digits of your account number is all they need to know.
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    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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