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Thread: Many Thanks.

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    Many Thanks.

    A Big Thanks. Hello All, hope everyone is ok, today I received some very positive news about my PIP appeal, I have been awarded standard rate for daily living component from 21/12/17, when my previous DLA award was stopped after an assessment in November when I scored zero.I was preparing to face the tribunal , but the decision has been made on the papers, and it says particularly on the written evidence.The letter also says it,s inappropriate to fix a term??.A very big thank you to everyone for your helpful replies, advice & kindness during these last month's, & many positive thoughts to anyone else going through the same process.

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    Congratulations - hope you can relax now the decision is made.

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    So very pleased for you. Good to hear a positive

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    Good to hear.

    As we always say - keep pushing for what you know is right, it can be a struggle but if it is right then the tribunal will agree.

    (It shouldn't need to go that far, but at least there is a route to get a correct decision).
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    Hello Middleaged

    Well done on your good result, it's great to hear some good news.

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    Well done a brilliant result for you

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