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Thread: Requesting assistance at airline/airport

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    Requesting assistance at airline/airport

    I haven't flown for a number of years, and only once since being disabled.

    I'm aware that I need to request assistance from the airline but I'm not sure if I also have to inform the airports that I'm departing from and arriving to that I require assistance, or is it all done through the airline?

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    It is all done through the airline

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    It's been a few years sine I flew but you need to tell the airline in advance to ensure things go smoothly.

    When you land - you'll be the last off the plane but first out of the airport in my experience.

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    Thank you both! That sounds more straightforward than I expected.

    Another quick and potentially silly question - do I need my passport if I'm flying within UK? Do I still need it to check in?

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    Can't answer the passport question as I have only ever flown abroad.

    After you check in you will have to go to the special assistance desk and register with them, the airline will have already booked your assistance, it is just really to confirm that you are there so they know to help you. You will need to show them your boarding card.

    Where are you flying from to? I may well have used those airports so then I could give you more advice if I have.
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    I'm flying from Inverness, Scotland to London Gatwick. I live in the south of England but am getting the sleeper train to Inverness. I've booked the assistance with the airline for coming back so that's all sorted. I haven't had a boarding card, just an email confirmation (easyjet).

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    It depends on the airline - some will, some won't.

    Further guidance here:

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    Not used those airports.
    You will have to check in either online or at the airport so you will get a boarding card. Online you print your own off or at the airport the check in desk give you one although to check in at the airport carries a charge. Online check in usually opens 28 days before your flight. Without a boarding card, a paper one or on your phone, you will not be able to access the departure lounge, hence not your flight.
    I have flown with Easy Jet to Greece and assistance booked went fine. If you book assistance you are also allocated your seat free of charge.

    The email is just confirmation of your booking.

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    Thanks both of you that is really helpful. I can see why it's a good idea to check in online beforehand if you can just take along your own boarding card. I might take my passport just in case of ID. I flew Easyjet to Cyprus a few years ago with a family member but she dealt with it and we booked through a disabled access holiday so it was a bit different.

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    If you have liquids and that includes toothpaste in your hand luggage don't forget to put them in polythene resealable bag, you need to take them out of your hand luggage in that bag and put it separately in the tray provided when you put your bags through the security scanner. There is also a limit on the container size and the total amount you can take onboard. That is only if you have them in your hand luggage though. Larger amounts are okay in your suitcase in the hold

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