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Thread: Requesting assistance at airline/airport

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    So much has changed since 9/11 hasn't it - I used to go abroad a lot with my mum in the 90s (before being disabled) and it was nothing like as it is now. I was shocked when I went to Cyprus how much as changed. Many thanks for the advice - I didn't know that about toothpaste. I'm no taking any hold luggage so have to be careful.

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    This link will tell you the current regulations

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    Great link, thank you. I will print it out.

    Just to check - am I correct in interpreting that I have to get a doctors letter to take medication with me? As its a return flight I will try to use all the meds I need while away so I won't bring any home, but I may be left with some sumatriptan (migraine relief), will I have to get evidence for this?

    Thanks for all the help!

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    I shouldn't think so, I take my meds with me and just carry a copy of my latest prescription. I have never been stopped in all those years. If you are stopped with it and on your way home you should be able to dump it, throw it down the toilet as a last resort.
    As for taking just enough medication, it is prudent to take a few days extra just in case anything untoward happens, ie if the flight is cancelled and you have to stay over.
    For a 2 weeks holiday I always take 4 weeks supply.

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    Yes that's a point re extra meds. Okay will make sure I have a current prescription list with me. Thanks again!

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    When we fly from Manchester we have to check in at the special assistance desk before we can go for wheelchair assistance.
    We find it a bit of a pain because we then have to walk down to the place to get the wheelchairs.Its a quite a walk as well.Why the chairs can't be brought up to us I don't know.

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    Manchester is an airport I try to avoid unless I can only fly to my chosen destination from there.
    Last year they were trying to bend my walking frame to go through the pushchair scanner when it was already folded. I had to shout to them to stop as without it I am going nowhere.
    How stupid can some folk get.

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    I've seen a lot of questions about extra assistance at the airport, I've been talking with a shop called ScootaMart, they said as you're their customer, they are legally required to help you. However, to make things easier i reckon you'll be better off with some sort of folding scooter. There are plenty of folding scooters to be found online if you look in the right category.

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    I've flown quite a bit over the last few years since my disability and always request special assistance with the airline/holiday company and they then arrange it with the airports.

    I have found that the assistance given can vary greatly depending on which airport you are using too. Birmingham is very hit and miss, Manchester was brilliant, Bristol, Gatwick, East Midlands and Heathrow were all fine, but Stanstead and Liverpool were truly awful when I used them.

    I actually got moved to a small area to wait for a lift truck to take me out to the plane at Liverpool and then got forgotten. In the end my wife went looking for someone as it was so close to departure time and by the time we got loaded the plane had missed it's departure time. Even worse was that the pilot had told all of the other passengers that the delay was because they were waiting on a disabled passenger, so that as I made my way to my seat I had other passengers making rude comments about how I shouldn't be allowed to fly if I couldn't manage to get boarded on time!

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    I hope to plan a holiday but now I need to take a mobility scooter with me. What are the procedures in doing this ?. What scooters for travel on airlines would people suggest I buy. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Which are the scooters

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