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Thread: Front facing rucksacks

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    Front facing rucksacks

    Wondering if anyone has seen/ has used one of these?
    To be clear, this is a small bag/ rucksack/ day sack/ which you wear on your FRONT. Those of you in wheelchair will see where I'm going with this.
    Its basically for getting thru the airport, when a bag on the wheelchair becomes void as the wheels go into the hold.
    I know they exist, I saw a hiker with one.
    Diagonal strap would be best for those of us with boobies!

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    There are quite a few different makes and different sizes.
    From small 'waist bags' (bum bags) to hold change and a few documents, to larger bags that will hold quite a bit more.

    Try hiking/camping shops.
    Think laterally and don't forget fishing shops, fly fishers stand in a river, can't put their bag down and so have it slung on their chest/belly where they can get into it easily.

    Take a look on Amazon, you may find just what you are looking for:

    Here's large one, meant for fishermen: (The fold down tray bit looks as if it may be handy)

    Another large cross-body one that can be worn at the front (diagonal strap as requested?).

    This one, although a backpack, swings round to the front to sit in your lap, and can be clipped/carried at your front. (It's a bit expensive but should last years).

    This one's a bit of fun 'beer belly' bag:
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    I just wear my rucksack on my front. easy if the straps are loose.

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