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Thread: Spammers are Back

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    I've had similar attacks on a vB forum, the difference being we had volunteer mods who took the job seriously and removed them quickly (kept us all busy for a while).

    The annoying thing about this weekends lot is that when you look at the usernames it's a few spambots each making hundreds of posts.
    Proper moderation would have caught and banned these early on Sunday, preventing the vast majority from even being made.

    However we don't seem to have any moderation at all here at the moment.

    It seems to me that there is only one moderator? So if they are sick or having a day off nothing gets done.

    It's also interesting that so much of this weekends crap is porn spam, which had virtually dissappeared in the last few years.
    I actually predicted a potential resurgence in this, on a different forum, last month.
    I saw it coming as a direct result of the age verification 'Porn Block' being introduced to UK legislation, (maybe in April?):

    PS. I have checked through all the pages and there have been no genuine posts made so far today except for this thread.

    PPS. I also I believe that I have found the answer as to why they are not accepting our offers of volunteers to moderate.
    It appears there were serious problems in the past with the behaviour of certain moderators.
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    Another 106 in the last 3 hours

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    Admin should check other forum lists, ie motoring, work, equipment etc. for other spammers still left.

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