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Thread: pip and esa assessment on same day please help

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    Unhappy pip and esa assessment on same day please help


    hi there i have been accepted to have my pip assessment at home and just received my esa assessment which is at a centre which im unable to go to anyway but it is also on the same day and time as my pip assessment they are both at around 9am

    i phoned esa assessment number up they said i would have to get a letter from my GP she only works Tuesdays and Thursday and the only available appointment was on the same day too and then she is off for a week i only know that my pip appointment is because i had a message to phone up so i haven't received my letter yet probably get it on Monday

    i only have support workers on a Tuesday and Thursday and my support only started 2 weeks ago and its so annoying that also on that day she is away too i have asked my dad to be here for my home assessment and then to help me get to the doctors after to ask for a letter as i was able to change the time to the afternoon. i moved back home 5 months ago i live by myself i haven't been out further then the front of my house since august as no one in my family can push me in my wheelchair its been really hard i am waiting to be referred to the hospitals for treatment and support

    i have cp in both my legs agoraphobia,anxiety depression osteoarthritis chronic pain and suffer with bad panic attacks i use a wheelchair that i need someone to push and i have a scooter but im not confident using it so i dont . everyone tells me not to worry about these assessments but its all i do its making me ill.

    can anyone help or give me some advice please thank you

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    Did the ESA assessment centre say they would cancel your appointment?
    If not I would ring again and make sure they have canceled it.

    You can cancel it one time without needing/giving any reason.
    That would mean they set another date, which will give you some more time to get a letter to support having a home assessment.

    You can only do that once, if for some reason you needed to cancel again you would have to show evidence that you had 'Good Reason' for cancelling a second time.
    (And it does need to be a very good reason, like being in hospital).
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