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Thread: ESA to UC Transition advice.

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    Thanks for the response!
    I definitely think I may have got confused about some aspects. I think I understand the process better now, and all I should have to do is wait, provide a fitnote for now, and then when the MGP1 is processed by my case manager, fit notes
    /Job centre appointments will no longer be required and I will be awarded the LCWRA. Is that correct?
    My only concern now is that my work coach was arguing that as I was past my prognosis date, I wouldn't be counted as in the SG for the purposes of UC, and would not be automatically transfer to the LCWRA. I understand that she is wrong to say that, but should it concern me at all? Will the case manager automatically process the MGP1, and correct my work coach? Or could my Case Manager be under the same wrong impression, and therefore disallow my entitlement. Just wondering if there is anything I should be doing beyond what I've already done? And if it matters that my work coach is wrong about the prognosis date, or will that become irrelevant once the MGP1 is done?
    Thanks again. Just trying to get things crystal clear in my head before I go mad trying to work everything out!

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    Yes they are wrong, they really need better training about this.

    As they get more experince with Limited Capability these problems will dissapear.

    For now all you can do is humor them (fit notes etc.) or refuse to do what they say and risk being sanctioned, which of course will be overturned but in the meantine you are without money.

    It's wrong and shouldn't happen - but they hold the purse strings so we are stuck with it for now.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AskewUrchin View Post
    Hi again,
    Thanks for the response, I have no received a number of replies from my work coach, which are as follows:

    As explained to you yesterday, your case manager will be contacting ESA to obtain details of your ESA claim. If you are in the support group, your extra element will be added when your case manager makes your assessment on the 31st of October.

    I did not disagree with you that you are in the support group. I outlined the process of what would happen if after contacting ESA your case manager found out you are not in the support group and the process of starting a WCA through us.

    If you need a payment before your assessment period ends we can help you apply for an advance either in the office or over the phone. Alternatively you can do this yourself through your account.

    A decision maker would not decide whether to add the support group element to your entitlement, that would be your case manager after she has had that information back from ESA. I have messaged your case manager your concerns.

    I have continued to insist that my case is elevated to a Decision Maker. Am I within my rights to demand that a decision maker looks at it? Or is my work coach right in arguing that until my CM has assessed me I have to submit fit notes and nothing can be done?
    Thanks again, sorry for the seemingly neverending questions!

    Latest reply from my work coach:

    I think there is some confusion over what was explained to you yesterday. I am not provided with details of your ESA claim, that information is requested by your case manager and sent to her. She then takes that information into consideration when deciding your entitlement. I made you aware that if you were found to not be in the support group what the process would be with us through UC and that you should have a fit note just in case.

    You do not need a decision maker to look at your claim as your entitlement has not been decided yet. A decision maker has nothing to review. Your case manager has until the end of your assessment period to decide what your entitlement is and if at that point your support element is not included you can ask for your claim to be looked at. At this stage there is nothing to look into until the end of your assessment period.

    Should I continue to insist a decision maker looks at my claim now?
    i had all this when i moved from ESA/SG to UC/LWCRA last year , you will end up £90 a month better off , but it takes ages for ESA to confirm to UC your in SG , once this is done you will get LWCRA backdated to you , it took 3months in my case.
    they CANT look at anything untill ESA respond to there "request" for the information.
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