I'm not really sure if this id the right place to ask for advice.

My late mother had dementia and was placed into care home. This was approx 2009. She died in Oct 2013. She was fully funded as she had no savings or assets and her only income was her state pension and attendance allowance. She originally went into emergency care as my father could no longer cope looking after her at home and attempted suicide. She ended up staying in care as it was deemed the best option. There was a lot of delays and forgetfulness in terms of sorting out her affairs on the part of Adult services. My father wasn't able to take this on and I was quite ill with both a mental health issue and cancer. I was advised (independently) that if my mother had no assets/property to not take on appointee ship. In the end a social worker became appointee (eventually) and arranged her financial affairs. Her pension and attendance allowance had not been touched in the period where no one was appointee and remained just mounting up in a post office account which adult services then took control of and used towards the cost of her care.

I received a letter out if the blue on the 2nd of Oct from West Sussex County Council saying that my mother had money in an account with the co op bank. This is just over £5,000 worth. I was not aware of this and was not informed by adult services that this money existed when she died. They also attached a letter/email which states that my mother still owes a debt of around £18,000. I have been advised to contact the bank, withdraw the £5,000 and then contact WSCC to enter into discussions with them.

I have 2 major issues with this. One, my mother should have received a personal allowance for toiletries, haircuts, podiatry, etc.. of £20 ish pounds a week - she never received this money during all the time she was in care (I wasn't aware at the time she was entitled to it). So all theses expenses were paid for my myself or my father direct to the care home or in the case of toiletries we would pay for them and bring them in. I suspect this is what this £5,000 pounds is - my mothers personal allowance that was never passed on to her, the care home or us.

The second issue is my mother should not have £18,000 of debt in terms of care as she never paid for care. She was fully funded and her only contribution was her state pension (and I guess attendance allowance) all of which was received by WSCC and in their control.

I'm not really sure where I stand with this situation. I have not been to the bank to withdraw the money but if I do so I do not feel automatically inclined to pay it to WSCC. For these reasons: a) where is my mothers personal allowance? - surely they owe me (my father has since passed away) this money? b) my mother should have no debt and c) had I or my father been informed that my mother had any saved money when she passed away this would have been used towards her funeral costs which instead we had to find the money for ourselves.

I've asked AGE UK for advice but the lady i've been referred to is very slow on getting back to me so I still have no idea where I stand.